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Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Boston.

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ID 5835

Dan Von Kohorn


Co-founder/Principal of Beta Fund, a micro VC investing in early stage companies in the greater Boston area.

ID 83126

Albert Ho

Co-founder of @121nexus. Software & patent practitioner. Worked at BofA and Goldman. @cornell-university '07.

ID 160940

Masumi Nakamura


VP Eng @placester. Frmly @paypal @where. Published author on Android development.

ID 49043

Eric Carlstrom

CTO and Co-founder, EverTrue

ID 86813

Joost Ouwerkerk

Founder and CTO @hopper • Worked at @expedia, @newtrade

ID 183964

Michael Johnson

Founder @oomba • Studied at @brandeis-university

ID 99223

Eliran Sapir


CEO of @apptopia, hacker, serial entrepreneur, 1 software startup out of high school, founding team of several startups, EIR @greatpoint-ventures, BU dropout.

ID 44885

Joe Cerra

Founder @vlingo • Studied at @tufts-university. MS in CS and HCI • Experienced iOS / Android hacker • Serious about design.

ID 362585

Jon McKay

Founder of Technical Machine, 1st startup out of school. Majored in computing at Olin College. Interned at Hangtime, Microsoft, and Pico-Digital.

ID 38141

Chris Howard

Founder @libboo • Worked at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology-1, • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @harvard-university

ID 48003

Shaun Johnson

Co-founder at @StartupInst. Associate at @techstars. @georgetown Hoya & Entrepreneur-in-Residence.

ID 82644

Roy Solomon


Co-Founder of @utest (Named Forbes 8th Fastest Growing Private Company in 2013). A Product guy. Invest in mobile first start-ups.

ID 87085

Paul Liberman

Problem solver with a passion for technology. Deep knowledge of databases, software design. Graduated @worcester-polytechnic-institute with degree in Engineering & Computer Science.

ID 25893

Rajesh Ramanand


CEO & Founder @signifyd • Worked at @paypal, @fedex

ID 3462

Cashman Andrus

Founder & CTO @yesware • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology • Was CTO @musetrek, Founder @wgr-media (@cnet), Engineering Director @Interstep (@flycast @cmgi).

ID 44795

Anmol Madan

CEO of Recent PhD @massachusetts-institute-of-technology Media Lab, modeling human behavior using passive mobile data and machine learning. Extensive academic publications, awards, press.

ID 64346

Alexander Horak

Head of Product Development @fetchnotes, PE at Wells Fargo, IB at Loofbourrow, Computational Informatics UofM, builder, entrepreneur.

ID 35316

Dan Pickett

Software Engineering Educator and Team Lead, Technical CoFounder, and Former Director of Engineering at

ID 37972

Chris Allen

CEO of @brass-monkey, Entrepreneur, Presenter, Software Inventor and Co-founder of @red5 and @infrared5

ID 176854

Krishna Ramchandran

CEO/Co-founder @ubersense-inc. Worked at Citrix Online, Microsoft Research, and Cisco. PhD in CS from UCSB. Passionate golfer and aspiring triathlete.

ID 32415

Matthew Grace

Engineering meets product. Frmly: Director of Product Mgmt @oracle-corporation; built/deployed optimization suite Click Software & State Street; Studied CS.

ID 133777

Uri Laserson

Data scientist at @cloudera. Co-founded @good-start-genetics. PhD in Biomedical Engineering at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology. Genomics technology in George Church's lab for immunology.

ID 170643

Eyal Molad

Founder @saverr-mobile • Worked at @simigon, @irobinhood • Studied at @open-university-of-israel

ID 171921

Steven Peterson

Founder @routesy • Worked at @imvu, @yahoo

ID 64281

Brian Sachetta

Software developer and designer, specializing in mobile apps and branding. Graduated from BC in 2012. Passionate about great design.

ID 331124

Abhishek Tiwari

Building @gapelia-1 with awesome people!

ID 73335

Amrith Kumar

Database expert and architect. Frmly @netezza.

ID 315603

Dan Adams

Co-Founder & CTO at CO Everywhere. Former principal consultant, architect, head of engineering. CS BS/MS.

ID 66569

Ben Greene

Consulting technologist. Creator of @devosaurus, @minerva-condos, et al. Previously @insightsquared, @boundless, @backupify, @nextlot. @techstars-1 2010. @carnegie-mellon-university CS.

ID 291124

Chase McAleese

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer @jebbit, a TechStars company. I like tea, Hemingway, FC Barcelona, Old Fashioned's, and seeing the world.

ID 299799

Andy Atkinson

Full-stack web application software developer

ID 143461


CEO of @cloud-cms. 1st company in high school, 15 years CMS industry. Worked at Alfresco, @vignette, @trilogy. Kellogg MBA 2007.

ID 19165

Jean-Charles Sisk

Core UIE Architect at @paypal, formerly of @where

ID 103513

Yoav Shapira

Worked at @hubspot, @deloitte-consulting • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @boston-university

ID 50022

Ralph Shao

Co-Founder & CTO at @the-tap-lab, @techstars Boston 2011 Alum, MassChallenge 2011 Finalist, Duke Startup Challenge 2009 Track Winner

ID 19239

Elias Torres


Founder @performable, technical executive in three startups including @hubspot and obsessed with building startup engineering teams.

ID 209600

John Amicangelo

Northeastern CS magna cum laude, Full stack generalist; assumed development lead on critical site features at TapWalk, PayPal, and Careport Health.

ID 66756

Nick Plante

Web product hacker guy. Founder @zerosum-labs, @wefunder, @rails-rumble, Startup Workaway, @rdoc-info, @mogotest. INTJ. ADHD. OMFG. BBQ.

ID 26785

Sean Creeley

CEO and Co-Founder of @embedly.

ID 132028

Joe Pirone

VP of Engineering

ID 91583

James Daniels

Entrepreneur, Rails Developer, and Mobile Device Management guru—President of @appblade a cross-platform beta testing, enterprise appstore, and MDM solution

ID 255531

Joseph Santoro

DC/LA Superconnector @forbes @MoxieStrategy @StartupGrindDC @ADmapco Creative Strategist, Media2.0Sensei, Political Wonketeer, Entrepreneurial Techie, Neuro PhD

ID 112421

Trent Ashburn

Built algo trading models for 4 hedge funds, and computer simulations for several Fortune 500 companies. @brown-university CS.

ID 270184

Matt Hodgson

I build revolutionary education products @goboundless

ID 374217

Roman Kishchenko

Mobile (iOS, Android) and server development.

ID 88894

John Coogan

Founder @drop-some-knowledge • Games: @the-walt-disney-company, Mobile: @vlingo, Quant Finance: @citadel-investment-group VC: @invested-development

ID 160347


Founder @benchling. Siemens winner ( On leave from @massachusetts-institute-of-technology CS.

ID 3003

Marc Held

Founder and CEO of @weft; Co-founded @zazu; Mobile Consultant; National Cyber Defense Champion; Six Sigma Yellow Belt; Researcher; Teacher.

ID 304875

Matthew Graziano

Passionate innovator looking for the next big project. Previously of @zapprx @runkeeper.

ID 213395

David McGaffin

web and mobile developer; developing with various front-end technologies for 15 years.

ID 363819

Patrik Outericky

Founder and CTO @simplelegal YC S13. 10 years in litigation management and billing analytics through prior company. Second time founder.

ID 161797

Stipe Ivan Latkovic

Tech lead @paypal

ID 207180

Radhika Malik

Software Engineer at Expect Labs. MIT M.Eng graduate 2013 (EECS), MIT graduate 2012 (CS and Math). Previously interned at Microsoft, Amazon, Tower Research.

ID 282636

Jon Bishop

Web Developer at @AMP_Agency in Boston, MA. @BostonWP organizer. @SocializeWP dev. Developer, Public Speaker and Internet Marketing Specialist.

ID 442546

Johan Mickos

Computer Engineering student at Boston University

ID 53211

Peter Casinelli

CS student at Boston College; Entrepreneur who is passionate about software and product development

ID 87322

Daniel Kornev

Founder of @zet-universe (NUI + Big Data Analytics enabling IW productivity) • Worked at @microsoft, @google • MS in CS (2008).

ID 133703

Ryan Detzel

Code writer @ TalkTo. Currently on my fifth startup and loving it.

ID 92019

Lee Gentry

Product Lead at @collaborate. Worked at @doctrackr, @techstars, @gemvara, @scvngr.

ID 264540

Robin Johnson

Founder/CEO of Skit! • Worked at @electronic-arts, @digital-domain • Studied at @university-of-massachusetts-amherst

ID 46606

Chris Bolman

@zoomtilt & @buzzfork founder. Marketing hacker. Grew strategic marketing consultancy to 10X revenue and team of 45 in 3 yrs. Learned math at @goldman-sachs.

ID 404311

Seong Seog Lee

Senior at Boston College. Coding junkie. Worked at Quantopian, UBS, and Standard Chartered.

ID 43590

Robby Grossman


tech lead @shareaholic, formerly engineer @oneforty (sold to hubspot), founder @paperphobic

ID 41487

Jean-Luc David

Founder @alertly | Ed @york-university | Chief Evangelist @microsoft | CTO @digiflare @spently | API @yellow-pages-group | @facebook @y-combinator hack winner

ID 193487

Chirag Nirmal

Co-Founder @bow-drape • Worked at @blinkx, @burst-media • Studied at @virginia-polytechnic-institute-state-university, @university-of-mumbai

ID 48299

Marc Macleod

Co-founder of @limelight & @the-whoot. 1st startup in high school. Spent the last 20 months working as the VP of Tech at @abroad101.

ID 421947

Matt Voska

CEO & Co-Founder @flytenow | Software Engineer @carbonite

ID 308892

Michael Kasparian

Founder @atlas • Worked at @philips

ID 294803

Ethan Netland

Northeastern CS and Finance.

ID 69099

Daniel Bostwick

Backend Developer with experience in Java, Ruby and Python. Worked at @intuit, @bloomberg and @buzzient. @northeastern-university Computer Science BS, 2012.

ID 424126

Martin Forest

Founder @nusocket • Technologist • Leader of Innovation • Hands-on Developer • Designed world's first iPhone-connected hardware med device, "iBGStar".

ID 83705

Nick Tommarello

Founder at @wefunder and Startup Workaway

ID 321695

Jose Dunia

MS in Digital Arts & Sciences at UF, Bachelor Computer Engineering at USB, Worked at Grooveshark and co-founder at Powerdot

ID 327842

Jonathan Maier

Experienced SQA. Knowledge in complete SDLC and QA Methodologies. Tested across multiple web, mobile, desktop, server, and SaaS products.

ID 203261

Tyler Renelle

Founder @habitrpg • Studied at @california-state-university-sacramento

ID 222312

Lance Perry

Digital professional currently looking to gain experience as a Product Manager or Web Developer concentrating on UX, UI, product development, and storytelling.

ID 361697

Jacob Newman

UC Berkeley CS new graduate. Generalist, eager to keep learning. Experience with Agile philosophy and methodologies. Internship experience in a startup.

ID 38687

Melissa Leffler

Engineering manager with a focus on enterprise. Advisor. Frmly: @awareness,@eroom-technology, @lotus-development-corporation and @liquid-machines

ID 83215

Kevin Chugh

Founder, CEO, Main Street Computing

ID 341046

William Pullen

Front End Engineer working with HTML/CSS/JS at Wordstream, worked as lead UI designer/developer @ Buzzient. Python engineering experience.

ID 247465

Alex Pavlov

Father, husband, full stack web & mobile developer. True believer in responsible coding and maintainable software. Java, Cocoa (Touch) and Ceylon (Tea) addict.

ID 333841

Drew Burch

An app psychologist

ID 274341

Blake Ruddock

iOS Engineer at CO Everywhere. Tufts dropout. Graduate of Hotchkiss. Lover of all things water. Family man, investor, chef, runner, sailor, swimmer.

ID 76521

Nick Allain

BA in Interactive Media. Big Thinker. Expert Live Streaming Video, Video Production, Design, CSS, HTML, and User Interaction. Exp in Game Industry/Higher Ed.

ID 77965

Brad Cater

Software Engineer at @panjiva; co-founder at @snaptalent; worked at @tellme (now @microsoft); @massachusetts-institute-of-technology '08

ID 322568

Matt Legrand

Design thinking and human factors. Founded the design consultancy Form & Construct. Wrote and produced the microdocumentary "Solutionism" Cannes Film Festival.

ID 251559

Brian Reese


Leader, thinker, and learner with demonstrated startup, non-profit, and general management experience.

ID 162033

Dylan Griffin

Studied music and classics at @wesleyan-university University, but out of college got into Rails and currently honing my skills at Shareaholic.

ID 386052

Kevin Sihlanick

Electrical Engineer with strong software and systems engineering background, also full stack web development. Worked at Analog Devices. Graduate of Olin College

ID 78862

Hao Chen

Full-stack "jack of all trades" web developer with passion, energy, and vision to build world-changing products with a nobler purpose.

ID 19755

Shaun Russell

Senior UI Developer at @caplinked; FEWD Instructor at @general-assembly; Biomedical Engineering @university-of-rhode-island 2006.

ID 247213

Sean Flavin

My passion is working with companies who have a great idea but need a CTO, Startup Advisor or Technology Advisor to put the right technology and team in place.

ID 16283

George P. Stathis

VP Engineering @traackr. Technical leader using Java, NoSql and Information Retrieval to make sense of unstructured data.

ID 303263

Jack Miszencin

Recent Tufts and Startup Institute graduate, self-taught web developer, beginning Rails developer, background in economics and Middle Eastern studies.

ID 41158

Abby Fichtner

Executive Director of hack/reduce, previously @microsoft's Evangelist for Startups. hacker & agile/lean coach. Hacker Chick Blog. Boston Lean Startup Circle.

ID 325760

Connor Murphy


Founder @datahug. Raised $5.5M from DFJ, Ron Conway and Strong investment, product and development background. Worked at PA Consulting & Sun.

ID 213307

Jake Jarvis

Serial web and mobile entrepreneur for hire! Started kwad, RapRx, and TuftsApps. Worked at iD Tech Camps, Greylock, and Revision3. Studied at Tufts University.

ID 174557

Ali El Rhermoul

Developer @disruptor-beam, Partner @romulus-advisory, Worked at @lycos • Studied at @wentworth-institute-of-technology

ID 158687

Paul Kist

Creative problem solving. Jack of many trades. Coding, photography, music composition, non-profit-guy, story-teller, eastern chant.

ID 182467

Alexander Miller

Full-stack Rails/Javascript developer at @privy with a self-taught knack for design • Graduated @tufts-university CS/Bio, Magna Cum Laude

ID 11037

Ben Bixby


CEO @myenergy

ID 261531

Harrison Hunter

MIT CSAIL research fellow and co-founder of Adtrib

ID 177097

J. Fah Sathirapongsasuti

Co-Founder/CTO at SQ Technologies. Harvard PhD in Biostatistics; Stanford MS in CS; researcher at Broad Institute, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and UCLA.

ID 280066

Bob Corsaro

Early employee of Embedly. Formerly worked Optaros open source consulting and Exit41 quickserve POS.

ID 291096

Eric Famiglietti

Software Engineer at @fancred, Former HackStar at @techstars

ID 47125

Vova Feldman

Founder at @RatingWidget

ID 196591

Joseph Terry

Founder @kt5-media • Worked at @amazon, @fashion-project • 6 startups • Studied at @boston-university, @colby-college • eCommerce, operations, UI design, passion for non-profit.

ID 75912

Victor Wang


Founder & CEO @gerijoy • MS from @massachusetts-institute-of-technology (Robotics, human-machine interaction) • Served as army officer

ID 447884

Matt Buckley

Full Stack developer - Ruby on Rails, Ember.js

ID 428373


Worked at @nextly

ID 120295

Yang Yu

Chief Product Officer @opencare, was application framework architect @ibm. Serial entrepreneur started at age 12.

ID 280065

Andy Pellett

Engineer at @embedly. Working on image analysis, scalability, and more. MS Computer Engineering, University of Maine.

ID 280070

John Emhoff

Data Engineer at Embedly. Past lives in the computer security and biotech industry; currently working on problems involving analytics, NLP, and machine learning.

ID 142240

Waldron Faulkner

Experienced in data acquisition, analytics, consumer web, and building/managing kick-ass teams of developers.

ID 111745

Eric Larson


CS background, 8+ years Enterprise & Commerce Search @ Google doing everything from Engineering, Support, Deployment, and Sales

ID 117543

Anna Callahan

Software developer and award-winning filmmaker. Formerly @3M, Techstars; built apps for Aflak, Runkeeper, MeYouHealth. Math degree from U Michigan

ID 69641

Fabian Perez

Designer & Developer.

ID 48084

Matthew Harris

Founder @patheer • Studied at @boston-university • Big Data Expert

ID 88903

Israel Kloss

Startup Growth Hacker. Using Sales Intelligence/E-commerce Optimization and Power-Analytics (See Founder,

ID 43003

Pablo Fernandez

Built IaaS for @merrill-lynch before IaaS existed. Founder of frisky, software repository data mining platform. Long distance runner. CS at @virginia-tech.

ID 398103

Chris Sullivan

Worked at @wymsee

ID 451859

Ethan Barr

Designer, developer, utilitarian.

ID 237193

Gina Luciano

CEO & Co-founder @delightfully

ID 251821

Alex Tacho

Frontend Engineer @codeship. Former CTO @starteurope. Computer science @vienna Technical University @techstars Boston.

ID 236600

Drew Lanenga

Data Scientist at @highfive, @nike-accelerator Accelerator Alum, @qualtrics Alum

ID 24985

André LeBlanc


Founder and CTO of Sky Motion Research. Founding Member Discreet Logic (IPO, subsequently acquired by Autodesk). Director of Technology at Ubisoft.

ID 21060

Paul Perry


Firefly Network->@microsoft, @verizon. Computer Science @Dartmouth.

ID 75203

Marc Stein


CTO and Co-founder at LeaseQ, Previously Global CTO for JustGiving (UK) FirstGiving (US), founder College Loan Market, CTO Y2M Networks

ID 104155

Jason Block

Master's HCI student at Carnegie Mellon, with B.S. in Mechanical Engineering/Robotics. Worked as a generalist product designer/developer at Picplum.

ID 437291

Michael Bernstein

Founder @dapperjobs • Worked at @general-electric • Studied at @tufts-university

ID 414310

Ryan Wong

Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 73890

Pascal Rettig

@massachusetts-institute-of-technology B.S and M.Eng '02. Lifelong Web Dev. Building websites since the late 80s when they were called BBSs. Hacking on the Internet since '94. Author with Wiley

ID 66848

Brad Friedman

Co-Founder at @tymefly. Software engineer at @microsoft for five years. @princeton-university '05 (Computer Science).

ID 144313

Kevin Bedell

CTO of @fundraise-com. Boston-based startup veteran. I build and grow apps and teams. Engineer/MBA.

ID 55349

Ryan Kabir

Co-founder of Probueno. Engineer. Worked at a hedge fund, @microsoft, and @causes. @massachusetts-institute-of-technology (CS '05).

ID 280078

Kawandeep Virdee

Engineer at Embedly, focusing on product and growth. Former complex social systems researcher at NECSI. Physics and Applied Math grad.

ID 454921

Josh Brody

Founder @reserved, @whoa-io • Worked at @pinterest, @jobspring-partners • Studied at @california-institute-of-technology

ID 181744

Rich Jones

Founder and CEO of @openwatch and @gun-io • Studied @boston-university • Researcher @harvard Law • Developer @prx • @Miserlou on GitHub • Troublemaker

ID 11096

Sean Kumar

Technologist. Software Architect. Co-Founder @madpads. Co-Founder @covertonight. Co-Founder Auctus Partners. @harvard-university Computer Science and Economics.

ID 91036


Quality-driven applications engineer; Created; OOP and AS; deep knowledge of Flash media in the next-generation of online games.

ID 478174

John Marsland

SVP Growth at Nanigans. Former Head of User Acquisition at Zynga.

ID 44833

Shashi Kant

@massachusetts-institute-of-technology & MIT-Sloan Alum, MS Engineering & Management, Researcher at CSAIL. Passionate about applying technology for better Healthcare.

ID 379589

Richard Reece

Founder Dispatches, Simultaneity • Worked at @diamondcluster, @merlin-mobile-media • Studied at @wharton-school, @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 320788

kavya joshi

M.Eng. (2013), S.B. (2012) in Computer Science, both at MIT.

ID 67961

PK Shiu

Builder and connector, from writing code, giving boardroom presentation to developing business plans, from start ups to fortune 500 companies, from US to UK, from Germany to Japan, a hands on technologist who delivers.

ID 65284

ian stanczyk

founder of @onthebar. self-taught developer. m.a. economics. top-10 bschool dropout. workaholic.

ID 112195

David Morse

CEO Kindoo. 13 yr enterprise software product management/sales. NICE, Merced Systems, RightNOW, MRO Software, Harvard MBA, US Marine Officer. Improv comedian.

ID 121549

Andrew Inglis

PhD, Physics: Complex network theory; Teach for America Alumni.

ID 430107

Christine Lytwynec

Full stack developer with a background in psychology, music and mathematics. @startup-institute Boston alumna.

ID 52900

Michael Sattler


Technical co-founder and engineering exec for seed-stage and growth online/mobile companies. Hands on with LAMP stack, Agile, product design and strategy.

ID 244332

Robert O'Neill

Engineer @alignable. Worked at @ibm, @verivo-software @charles-river-development

ID 168252

Zeeshan Sheikh

Leader by day; Hacker by night. Hands on Development Management, Process Improvement, eCommerce & Web Architectures, Product Innovation & Architecture.

ID 284646

Eric Hsiao

Cofounder at @verbal-applications • I pour my passion and personality into product that disrupt the status quo. • Worked at @hubspot & @whitehead-institute

ID 57287

Jonathan Kim

Early hire at Performable, acquired by HubSpot. Self-taught frontend engineer with a BS in Journalism. From Hawaii.

ID 59604

Andrew Berkowitz

VP of Engineering @sproutel | Former Lead Mobile Developer @zazu: a @masschallenge finalist and PepsiCo10 winner

ID 162817

Karl Sandwich

@rensselaer-polytechnic-institute CS / EMAC, 4 years PHP in publishing industry, 3 years Rails 2.3.x in publishing, 7 years mysql

ID 263662

David Thyresson

founder @stattleship. co-founder and cto @spogo. co-founder @entessa (sold to Graham Group '10). i build mobile apps

ID 50971

Andy Huang

Fmr Growth at Shareaholic. Babson + Olin.

ID 40269

Danny Kirschner

Innovator, creator, full stack dev, amateur environmentalist. Founded @bundio, @MiracleTicket, @gorankem, @insightpool. BS in MIS @university-of-georgia.

ID 76167

Mike Wu

CTO of Loupe, PhD in computer science; HCI researcher, worked in tech industry and research labs across US and Canada

ID 75006

Daniel Spector

CEO / Co-Founder / Software Developer at @tymefly. Technology Director, Enterprise Crowdsourcing, Lionbridge SVP, Technology at @virtual-solutions-1

ID 360808

Jonathan Barronville

19-year-old software engineer, entrepreneur, mentor, advisor, independent researcher. Founder of @reusabled and @invitabite.

ID 281416

Guy Aridor

Web Developer / Mobile Developer / Mathematician

ID 99000

Jascha Franklin-Hodge

ID 115792

Nam Chu Hoai

Rockin' life since 1991

ID 5838

David Berube

Founder of MoFuse

ID 38135

Spencer Davis

Developer at @promoboxx • Worked at @memrise • @techstars alum

ID 163495

David Chouinard

Product designer & full stack developer. Grad student at @harvard. Early employee at @flightaware and formerly developer-in-residence at @techstars.

ID 80413

Dale Bertrand

I am an entrepreneur, Ruby on Rails web developer and online marketer with a broad background in web development, search engine marketing and lead generation.

ID 307426

Benjamin Taylor

Co-founder, Creative at @weaver-2 & @mechamagizmo | prev. Engineer at @electronic-arts' @maxis on SimCity, @nexon | @carnegie-mellon-university alum

ID 70091

Le Zhang

Founder at Squadle. Roots in @ibm & ADI. @boston-college-1 Alum. Product guy first, business guy second (CS Geek third). Hacker turned entrepreneur.

ID 148331

Mike Laderman

Full Stack Engineer at @betterfit-technologies • Formerly Product Design Student at Boston Startup School • BA in Economics with Honors from @brandeis-university

ID 37539

Eyal Kedem

member of founding team of @racemenu. Strong enterprise (worked at @emc) as well as startup background. BA Brandeis 2001

ID 152951

Luke Bayas

Founder @locally-1 • Worked at @hitachi-data-systems, @invensys-inc • Studied at @university-of-massachusetts-amherst

ID 242351

Oliver Steele

Serial founder + @apple + @nest. Early (first 10 full-time) Nest hire: ran Tech Ops through launch. Invited speaker at O'Reilly ETech; XTech; PyCon; Google.

ID 186663

Joel Dietz

Codes. Dreams. @Penn @ Brown @salesforce MVP. Founder @evergreen

ID 45542

Robin Greenbaum

Founder of My background is in selling residential real estate.

ID 113865

Mike Achilles

20+ years experience in technology. Founder. Developer. Agile Mentor. Startup Advisor. Provides technical and business direction. Offshore expert.

ID 284861

Peter Jackson

Leading Web and Mobile Engineer with VP Eng and CTO exp. Hands on with Rails & JS. Several successful startups. Conference Speaker. Team Builder. Loyola MBA.

ID 4131

Bryan Healey

Director at @namemedia, founder of @joinvestor, educated at @northeastern-university, building world-class technology and changing the world. Previously at @shapeup.

ID 446727

Rich Stern

Works at @urbanspoon

ID 188670

Kevin Jay

Founder @evaluationrx • Worked at @Oracle Corporation, @pwc-1 • Studied at @Penn

ID 106199

Owen Biddle

CTO and CoFounder @dishsnap. Hundo provides consumers with location-based ratings and social recommendations on what's worth buying or discovering.

ID 114353

Andrew Sohn

ID 297129

Ben Feingersh

Recent graduate of Northeastern CCIS (class of '13). Interested in mobile, web, local, and social.

ID 270144

Sam Tolkoff

energetic, tech savvy leader: + large corp, as [email protected] + start-ups, @Bluefin Robotics, et al + spin-out @optasense two MS @MIT 4 kids @ home, boston

ID 320257

Vuong Nguyen

Vuong Nguyen is an award-winning Boston-based Web Developer & Technology Consultant with an extensive background in Traditional/Digital Arts and Web Technology.

ID 94314

Castedo Ellerman

Freelance Quantitative Analyst/Developer Focus in C++, math, automated trading. Masters in Financial Mathematics. Formerly at investment bank and @microsoft.

ID 185428

Daniel Karlin

Founder @Note Progress, @gage, @CIEMS, @rationalpsych • Works @tufts-university University • Studied at @columbia-university, @University of Colorado

ID 33964

Adam Mustafa

Lead Developer at Sookbox

ID 465406

Theodore Chao

Harvard Math Education Postdoc; Math Education Professor; Former NYC Middle School Teacher; Computer Science/Software Background

ID 360086

Lorraine Wheeler

Technology innovator who turns ideas into customer focused shipping products. MIT CS, Sloan School, Founded/Built successful mobile application company.

ID 260244

Samuel Klein

Impeccably stacked.

ID 245348

Wasim Malik

PhD EE (from MIT, Harvard, Brown, Oxford). Broad R&D experience in medical devices, neurotech, wireless, big data analytics, machine learning algorithms

ID 285888

Gregory Zoeller

Founded Verbal Applications Inc, Former Mobile js Developer at Homesite Insurance, Former Equities Intern at Societe Generale. B.S CSE Boston University

ID 168274

Steve Hershman

PhD student at Harvard Systems Biology. Co-founder Gentrpret

ID 35652

Stephen Merity

Worked at, @groklearning • Studied at @harvard, @university of Sydney

ID 217475

Adam Eagle

CS Student and Entrepreneur at MIT; Developer, Designer & Thinker; Intern at Dispatch

ID 299879

Jackson Harper

Founder Conserve.IO • Worked at @novell, @entrada

ID 66755

Daniel Stallworth

Worked at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology-1 • Studied at @mit-2, @boston-university

ID 127511

James Jones

Founder @watchpresenter, @masshack • Worked at @thinking-phone-networks, @juniper-networks

ID 176679


Front end dev. Research under @rbmllr, senior year @MITEECS. I'm comfortable across the full stack, but I like building out UI behaviors in JavaScript.

ID 416696

Paul Grous

Software Dev at @lotus-development-corporation @ibm @dell-inc @perot-systems @groove-networks

ID 303166

David Kormushoff

Founder @jotlocker • Worked at @gather-1, @thoughtworks, @orby

ID 31485

John Wunder

Senior Software Engineer in the Open Services group at MITRE. 4 years Ruby on Rails experience. B.S. in CS from St. John’s and M.S. in IA from Northeastern.

ID 73067

Thomas Lextrait

CEO / Founder at @studifi Inc

ID 295551

Alexander O.

Founder @cloudmarked-com-inc • Worked at @morgan-stanley, @state-street-global-advisors • Studied at @columbia-university, @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 84303

Yakov Livshits

CEO at @maxi-services. Serial Entrepreneur. Founded 4 successful international companies. 12 years of R&D management: NUAN, CHKP. M.Sc from @oxford-university, UK cum laude

ID 266798

Brian Bell Jr.

Founder Priming Pregnancy • Worked at @general-electric, @nasa-jpl • MIT Computer Science '13

ID 207558

David Cueto


Boston, MA Founder and CEO of Micronet

ID 174658

Rob Saccone


Founder and CEO at XMLAW • Worked at, @goodwin-procter, @thomson-reuters

ID 257939

Eddie Xue

Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, Intern at @quora, @google, and @paydragon (YC S'11), founded grocery delivery startup at MIT.

ID 49806

Raj K Arora

Founder @athlatinum, @sponsorlytics • Studied at @northeastern-university, @WIT. Tech Intensive, Commonsensical Product Development Expertise.

ID 205757

Becket Linn

Studied at @tufts-university, won 2nd in the Tufts 100k, got into MasChallenge 2013

ID 91380

Andrei Oprisan


Startup Enthusiast & Full-stack Product Engineer. CTO @splitzee • Worked at @optaros @wayfair @google Summer of Code @nyu @lycos • Studied at @nyu @harvard Judge @MIT Entrepreneurship 100K Competition

ID 347259

Nicholas Pirollo

Founder of @scholly, strong background in iOS/Android, Engineering (Drexel Univ. Dual Degree), social media marketing

ID 307177

David Feinzeig

WPI grad with M.S. E.E. Thrive in fast-paced environment with tough problems. Currently loving Python and Django. Always love to learn new things.

ID 119726

Charles Denault

Founder & CEO @simplecharters. Coding since age 13. Pilot at 19. Biology at @university-of-new-hampshire

ID 281596

Adam Hacking, PhD

Scientist and Entrepreneur.

ID 86059

Lida Tang

Founder of AlwaysOn Technologies, Inc.

ID 292181

Brian Muse

Parter/CTO at One Mighty Roar, Robin

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