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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Boston.

Meet 1550 entepreneurs, makers, and investors based in Boston

ID 151

Jeff Fagnan


GP at @atlas-venture; founder of TUGG; advocate of uncertainty...

ID 143

David Cohen


Founder/CEO of @techstars. Investor in Amazing Startups. Geeky to the bone.

ID 615

Brian Shin


Founder & CEO @visible-measures Corp Allaire, Medsite, Sirtris Pharma, @hubspot, @shareaholic, @collaborate, General Catalyst, NextView, @massachusetts-institute-of-technology Entrepreneurship, Tufts ELP

ID 559

Roy Rodenstein


Investor Crashlytics (acq. Twitter), Rapportive (acq. LinkedIn). CEO TrueLens, co-founder (acq. AOL), co-founder Hacker Angels. MIT Media Lab '00.

ID 70206

Greg Rosen


VC at @raptor-ventures and co-founder of @haptic-pixels. past @vaynermedia and wall st. I love code, celtics, and bouldering. 21.

ID 134

Mike Hirshland


Founder, Resolute Ventures. Professional seed investor for 14 years. Investments include Automattic, MessageMe, Homejoy, Barkbox, KISSmetrics, Quantcast

ID 3074

Jennifer Lum


Cofounder @adelphic, Investor, Mentor at MIT, 500 Startups & @techstars-1.

ID 153

Dharmesh Shah


Founder and CTO of @hubspot and blogger at

ID 125222

Kevin Colleran


Venture Partner at General Catalyst Partners in SF & Bos. Angel/Seed Investor @ Slow Ventures. First 10 employees at Facebook. Wall Street Journal Columnist.

ID 405

Reed Sturtevant


Software guy. Project 11, co-MD @techstars Boston, Awesome Foundation co-founder. Teach at MIT and Olin College.

ID 513

Lee Hower


Co-founder/Partner at @nextview-ventures (seed fund). Previously founding team at @linkedin, early @paypal employee.

ID 97582

Bob Mason


Co-Founder and CTO of @brightcove. Mentor at @TechStars-1 Boston. Trustee of The Awesome Foundation. Angel Investor.

ID 600

David Cancel


CEO & Founder @performable. Love creating and advising startups! Previously started @ghostery, @lookery and @compete.

ID 26802

Tom Egan


Principal @launchcapital.

ID 430

Elon Boms


Managing Director, LaunchCapital

ID 121

Rob Go


Co-Founder and Partner at @nextview-ventures. Previously VC at Spark Capital.

ID 2719

Christine Tsai


Managing Partner at 500 Startups. Ex-Googler & ex-YouTuber. Left-handed. Ballet dancer of ~25 yrs. Go Bears.

ID 16260

Joi Ito


Director of the MIT Media Lab, Board Member of Sony, New York TImes, Knight Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, Tucows, Mozilla Foundation. Early stage investor.

ID 2105

James Geshwiler


Managing Director at CommonAngels; seed-stage angel group and fund focusing on software & internet.

ID 465

Jeremy Levine


Founder/CEO @starstreet (real money fantasy sports). Investor through @bridge-boys.

ID 93

Simeon Simeonov


Serial entrepreneur from half a dozen startups. Angel investor. Former VC. Built the first Web application server way back in the Web 1.0 days.

ID 122968

Neil Chheda


Managing Partner at @romulus-capital • Worked at @zynga • Founder of Lifeguard

ID 37655

Jay Batson


Currently Mentor-in-Residence at TechStars, Founding CEO @acquia (private), Founder & CEO @pingtel (acq. Nortel), VP Engineering @on-technology (IPO)

ID 760

Nitesh Banta


Investor at General Catalyst. Co-founder at Founding team of @getaround and @summer-workation. Invested in @kayak, @hubspot, @bigcommerce, @locu

ID 169766

Joe O'Connor


• Business advisor • worked @cisco • Member Angel Investor Forum

ID 3188

David Beisel


Co-Founding Partner at @nextview-ventures. Previously entrepreneur and VC at @venrock.

ID 125604

Brad Gerstner


Founder and CEO Altimeter Capital

ID 740

Bijan Sabet


venture capitalist, dad, husband, music lover, optimist

ID 258314

Nicholas Negroponte


Founded MIT Media Lab, WiReD Magazine, One Laptop per Child

ID 1201

Steve Wolf

SFP Joint Venture Phase One Development LLC

ID 39079

Jason Seats


Managing Director @techstars • Co-founder @slicehost (acq by @rackspace)

ID 3320

Izhar Armony


General Partner at @charles-river-ventures and Owner, @charles-river-ventures

ID 1121

Bong Koh


Founder, Investor or Advisor in companies including @lifecrowd, @shift-3, RetentionScience, @muckerlab, GradientX, Eventup, TheReceivablesExchange & @zynga (via Prism)

ID 1782

David Haber

CEO at Bond Street

ID 33052

Tony L. Chen


Investor, Entrepreneur, Advisor. @yale-university MB&B & MIT @mit-sloan-school-of-management MBA.

ID 1073

Nicole M. Stata


Founder and Managing Director of @boston-seed-capital

ID 20113

Dave Balter


@bzzagent Founder and Executive Chair; Global Head of Investments @dunnhumby; Executive Chair @smarterer. Slightly A.D.D. or something like that.

ID 744

Dustin Dolginow


VC at @atlas-venture; Funding team at @angellist. Founded and killed Social Swipe. Retail + SMB in my DNA. Reformed banker and @middlebury-college grad.

ID 37811

Nick Ducoff


Exec @boundless. Previously Co-Founder/CEO at @infochimps, acquired by CSC in 2013. Started my career as a VC lawyer at @andrews-kurth-llp. @techstars mentor.

ID 726

Fred Destin


Partner at @atlas-venture

ID 9093

David Barrett


@polarisvc managing general partner, ex-operating exec & entrepreneur @ Lotus, Rational, Calico.

ID 2151

Wayne Chang


Founder: @crashlytics (acquired by @twitter). Early involvement with: @onswipe, @napster & @dropbox. Details at

ID 64660

Brian Balfour


Growth & Customer Acquisition specialist. Former EIR @trinity Ventures, Co-Founder of @boundless, @viximo.

ID 46711

Roger Krakoff


Sigma Partners & JEGI Capital (Partner), @webline-communications (Cisco), Stream International, IBM / DNB, Harvard MBA

ID 48804

Maia Heymann


Personal investor. Sr. Managing Director at Common Angels. Previously, GP at BancBoston Ventures, LP in VC funds at Shott Capital, corporate tech banker.

ID 2551

Steve Garfield


Humorist and Writer. Author: Get Seen, Online Video Secrets / Founder: Boston Media Makers / Investor / Host /

ID 37109

Art Papas


Founder @bullhorn • Investor @handybook, @blank-label, @bobo • Studied at @tufts-university

ID 10023

Peter Wernau


CEO of Wernau Asset Management and Co-founder: Apricot Capital, Back Bay Mortgage Brokers and Dartmouth Street Ventures LP.

ID 50735

Ben Nye


Managing Director at Bain Capital

ID 203

Katie Rae


Community Builder. Angel. Project 11. Tech Stars Boston.

ID 29851

William Peng


General Partner at Red Swan Ventures. Previously product at @drop-io + @hot-potato.

ID 63664

Frank Moss

Innovation Iconoclast. Entrepreneur. Author, “The Sorcerers and Their Apprentices.” Former director, @massachusetts-institute-of-technology Media Lab. Co-founder of @bluefin-labs.

ID 75054

Jeffrey P. Parker


Frmly CEO Thomson Financial, founder CCBN; VC at Grandbanks and investor in @streetwise-media

ID 180027

Geoffrey Bernstein


Entrepreneur, Active Investor, Problem Solver.

ID 12471

Ric Fulop


Founded 6 companies. Experience from seed to billion dollar IPO. Partner at North Bridge. Obsessively looking for the next big thing!

ID 206

Ty Danco


Founder, BuysideFX, @eseclending. @techstars-1 Boston, North Country Angels, Anges Quebec, Founder Fuel, MassChallenge. That's about it.

ID 89633

Mike Volpe


CMO @ @hubspot

ID 32699

Steve Kaufer


Co-founder and CEO, @tripadvisor.

ID 188857

Jeff Arnold


Previously CEO of Ksplice, a startup acquired by Oracle in 2011. Now CEO of a new startup.

ID 3991

Joe Caruso


Investor in @hubspot, @apperian, @carbonite, @mortar-data, @kinvey, @collaborate, @scvngr, @nextly-1, @skyhook Wireless, @smarterer, @constant-contact, @parelastic...

ID 23113

Jeff Bussgang


Former entrepreneur (Upromise cofounder, Open Market VP) turned VC at Flybridge Capital. Serve as EIR at @harvard-business-school and authored a book "Mastering the VC Game".

ID 2081

John Landry


Serial CTO and Entrepreneur - Angel Investor at @lead-dog-ventures...

ID 229010

David Orfao


Founder @general-catalyst-partners • Studied at @norwich-university

ID 2183

David Skok


General Partner at Matrix

ID 36939

Waikit Lau


Founded ScanScout and, both acquired. Helped take NYSE:TRMR public. Past investor at Bessemer Venture Partners. MIT geek.

ID 8847

Vikas Taneja


Angel investor (@Ripple Labs, @500Startups, @parakweet, @rapportive, @8tracks, @pubnub, @mashery, @refinery29, @food52,...) Senior Partner at BCG. Chicago MBA. @stanford-university CS.

ID 107812

Dan Relihan


Software Engineer & Finance Quant, EECS @MIT, Angel Investor, Member Launchpad Venture Group

ID 52209

Jeremy Hitchcock


CEO @dyn • Amateur angel • @worcester-polytechnic-institute

ID 9411

Gus Weber


Principal at Polaris Ventures, and lead dog @dogpatchlabs. Spent 5 years at MSFT, part of Ray Ozzie's exec team in Bos. Split time between Boston and SFO.

ID 63462

Jeff Seibert


Director, Mobile Platform @twitter. Founder/CEO @crashlytics - acquired by Twitter. Founder/COO of Increo - acquired by @box. @stanford '08 grad

ID 131068

Ray Ozzie



ID 1206

David Hauser


Founder of @grasshopper. Founder of @chargify. Founder of @popsurvey. Angel Investor.

ID 212

Will Herman


Mentor, director and angel investor. 5x founder: Innoveda and Viewlogic. Techstars Mentor.

ID 492

Chip Hazard


Flybridge Capital general partner, funded MongoDB

ID 2432

Andrew Payne


Investor in @shareaholic,, @digium, @pebble, @grabcad

ID 53322

J. Stuart Moore


Co-Founder @sapient (NASDAQ: SAPE, $1B Revenue) Co-CEO @sapient (1991 to 2006)

ID 2155

Ryan Moore


VC at @atlas-venture. Co-founded @grandbanks-capital. Believe in service-based approach for entrepreneurs. @princeton-university graduate.

ID 7684

Sunil Dhaliwal


Early-stage investor in IT infrastructure for web and enterprise. Founder of @amplify-partners. Previously GP @battery-ventures. School @georgetown-university

ID 518

Eric Hjerpe


Partner at Kepha Partners

ID 189017

Waseem Daher


Founded @ksplice (acquired by Oracle) • Working on startup #2 • Passionate about product and marketing strategy • Still knows how to use git • Studied CS at MIT

ID 18054

Eran Egozy


CTO, Harmonix Music Systems

ID 56760

Christopher Lynch


VC @atlas-venture. Business builder: @vertica, @hp, @f5-networks and others. Sales and marketing in my DNA.

ID 43882

Michael Dornbrook


Active angel investor, board member of Common Angels. Retired fall 2010 after 13 years at @harmonix (Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Dance Central). COO.

ID 46707

David Chang


COO of @paypal Media Network. 5 startups & acquisitions during past 10 years. Experienced product & marketer with technical background.

ID 502

Cyril Ebersweiler


Visionary Punk, founder of @chinaccelerator, @haxlr8r & @leap-axlr8r ;partner @sosventures-1.Most prolific investor in hardware (40+).Sometimes cowork with coconuts

ID 64782

Ian Brady


Founder @sofi-1 • Worked at @fidelity-invesments, @kensho-finance • Investor @sofi-1 • Studied at @stanford-graduate-school-of-business

ID 4302

Devdutt Yellurkar


Partner/Investor at @charles-river-ventures

ID 83916

Israel Y. Ganot

E-commerce expert. Co-founder and CEO of @gazelle. Previously @ebay @paypal @amazon and @goldman-sachs. HBS and NYU alumnus.

ID 28302

Wan Li Zhu


VC @ @fairhaven-capital; Previously global product manager of @microsoft Dynamics CRM; Also worked at @google, Morgan Stanley, NYSE

ID 11201

Lindsay Ullman


Investment team at @google Ventures, product marketing at @google.

ID 84827

Hugh Crean


General Catalyst

ID 57262

Michael Skok


General Partner at @north-bridge-venture-partners

ID 31179

Semyon Dukach


Mentor-in-residence at TechStars Boston. Active angel investor. Troublemaker. Chairman of SMTP.

ID 3420

George Kassabgi


Co-Founder of @keas Investor: @zapprx, @rationalwave-analytics, @stackdriver, @docphin, @keas, @bit9, @kiodex Board of Directors: @mendix Explorer...

ID 52007

Arthur Watson


CFO @ Castle Hill. Angel Investor @HPA. MBA 2011 @Babson. BS Mechanical Engineering 2003 @UVA

ID 9391

Lucy McQuilken


Worked at @intel-capital • Studied at @duke-university

ID 29161

Justin Siegel


founder & ceo @mocospace, advisor @BostonSeed and mentor @techstars

ID 22345

Rahul Prakash


Founder @coyote-ridge-ventures, @the-hatchery-1 Former: @myenergy (Acq by Nest), @one-block-off-the-grid-1bog (Acq by Pure Energies), @spock (Acq by Intelius). @university-of-pennsylvania grad.

ID 739

Santo Politi


GP and Founder at @spark-capital.

ID 97460

Amish Shah


Passionate Entrepreneur/Investor/Advisor @sierra-maya-ventures @full-color-games @igenapps @eartop-technologies @matchpoint-2

ID 124546

Eric Kagan


Entrepreneur & Investor. Founding Partner @sierra-maya-ventures, Principal @kgn-holdings-llc • Advisor and Board Observer Xand Holdings. Member @investors-collaborative

ID 211114

Thomas Erickson

CEO of Acquia, former board member of TaskRabbit, Quickcomm, SeeWhy. Former CEO of Systinet, Chief Products Office at Tele Atlas, EVP Intl at webMethods, etc.

ID 158756

Han Shu


Former Co-Founder of Vlingo • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology. PhD in CS. Expert in speech recognition, natural language understanding, and machine learning.

ID 18206

Walt Doyle


Technology operator and exec. Advisor/investor. Ran @where until the sale to @paypal. Previously @zdnet and @mapquest.

ID 22400

William Guttman


Founder/Chairman/CEO at Carnegie Innovations, powered by Carnegie Mellon. General Partner at TL Ventures, Saturn Partners, and Tennessee Community Ventures. Founder at Panopto, Acatar, ExpressKCS, Acrobatiq, Overdog, Clearmodel.

ID 6866

Lee Bouyea


VC @ @freshtracks-capital. Director at @nehp, Draker & PES. Lead partner on @kohort & @quirky. Formerly with @ebay, @ebates & Nextel. MBA: Tuck @ @dartmouth-college.

ID 4198

Ahmad Jivraj


A friend, A venture capitalist (@longworth-venture-partners), A tech aficionado (formerly at, An entrepreneur, A foodie, A Canadian.

ID 35766

Marcia J Hooper

ID 4201

Dayna Grayson


Partner at NEA. Previously investor at North Bridge Venture Partners, Product Designer by background.

ID 105798

Pat Kinsel


EIR at @polaris-partners-1. Formerly Co-Founder & CEO at @spindle (acquired by @twitter) & @microsoft

ID 33736

Jay Meattle


Dreamer, Doer, MIT TR-35 Winner

ID 193874

Jere Doyle


Serial entrepreneur, angel and advisor to startups. Founded Prospectiv and Global Marketing. Knack for customer acquisition and marketing.

ID 435

Jason Henrichs


@techstars mentor. Co-founder at PerkStreet. Angel investor & advisor.

ID 91663

Shalin Shah


Startups and Investing

ID 114962

Dries Buytaert

@drupal-1 founder and project lead, co-founder and CTO @acquia, co-founder @mollom

ID 776

Ambar Bhattacharyya


Investor in @linkedin. Team member of @bessemer-venture-partners.

ID 52065

Matt Douglas


Founder & CEO of, blogger at

ID 57928

Murat Bicer


Managing Director at @rtp-ventures

ID 8018

Nick Pappas


Investor in @utest, @ntirety, @harvest-automation, Texterity.

ID 414

Christopher Mirabile


Managing Director Launchpad Venture Group. Tech investor. Named an XConomy "Top Angel in New England." Entrepreneurship lecturer in Babson MBA Prog.

ID 33019

Preston Ford


Founder @the-longview-group, @blockcross-holdings • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @harvard-business-school

ID 77887

David Baum


Founding Managing Partner at S1 Capital Partners, LLC

ID 218951

Joshua Summers


Founder @clypd, @zync • Worked at @where • Investor @placester, @zagster

ID 10239

Scot Chisholm


Founder/CEO of @stayclassy. Businessweek top 5 Promising Social Entrepreneurs. Board of @team-rubicon. UMass Amherst Engineering, @booz-allen-hamilton Lean Six Sigma.

ID 52596

Matt Kalish

Product innovator, FREE to Pay direct marketing pro. @columbia-university '04, @boston-college MBA '09. Online gaming ecosystem expert; insight from 11 year pro online poker career.

ID 87085

Paul Liberman

Problem solver with a passion for technology. Deep knowledge of databases, software design. Graduated @worcester-polytechnic-institute with degree in Engineering & Computer Science.

ID 48414

Chris Stix


Have invested in 15 start-ups over the last 15 years, with 5 significant M&A exits.

ID 98380

Ron Rubbico


Board Director at CommonAngels

ID 33823

Higinio O. Maycotte


CEO at @umbel. Founder at @flightlock (acquired by Control Risks), Finetooth (now Mumboe), & most recently founding CTO of @the-texas-tribune.

ID 1976

Philip H. Beauregard

Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Microeconomics, Governing/Game Dynamics buff. Former Tech Investment Banker and restaurant waiter. Wharton Grad.

ID 97685

Amy Lipton

SVP Marketing @sepaton, former Director Mkt @ibm Digital Media and Media & Entertainment Industry, former VP Mkt @WMS, Licensed Private Pilot

ID 2396

Jill C. Preotle


Investor in @ezcater, @taskrabbit, @crimson-hexagon, @zipcar, Daily Grommet.

ID 5654

Doug Levin


Founder of @black-duck-software and Former CEO. Advisor to a whole bunch of zero stage and emerging companies.

ID 31077

Gail Greenwald

Experienced executive and angel investor. EVP at Foliage, COO at Caveo Technology, VP/managing director at Arthur D. Little. BS and PhD from MIT/Berkeley.

ID 166275

Brad Kayton


Founder @2wire, @4home • Worked at @polycom • Investor @2wire, @4home • Studied at @university-of-virginia, @university-of-texas-at-austin-1

ID 312905

Bill O'Donnell


Founding employee at ; Chief Architect and SVP mobile products

ID 463187

Atlas Venture Syndicates


Atlas Ventures' backer account. We back the best operator angels in Boston doing local deals. Firm account here:

ID 62512

Eric Groves


Technology Executive and Entrepreneur

ID 82644

Roy Solomon


Co-Founder of @utest (Named Forbes 8th Fastest Growing Private Company in 2013). A Product guy. Invest in mobile first start-ups.

ID 34426

Christopher Thorpe


Viaweb->@yahoo, @tellme; Harvard PhD in crypto+auctions+finance; @babel-research, @blueleaf.

ID 120696

Vinay Badami


Lux Capital

ID 27325

Nathaniel Stevens


founder of @yodle

ID 186

Andrew Parker


Principal at @spark-capital

ID 129994

Rich Paret


Worked at @twitter, @brightcove • Investor @idonethis • Studied at @northeastern-university

ID 25520

Arie Abecassis


Co-Founder AppStori, Board Director at @seatgeek, Board Member at @adapt-ly, Board Member, BiznessApps

ID 88985

Glenn Laffel, MD, PhD

Founded and sold Clinical Solutions. Angel investor and SVP Clinical Affairs at Practice Fusion. Former transplant Cardiologist at Harvard Medical School

ID 3789

Axel Bichara


Engineer. Co-founded VC backed software company out of @massachusetts-institute-of-technology. Was partner at Atlas for 19 years. Now doing deals on my own.

ID 29988

Adam Miller


Founded first business at 13. Invested in equities since 14. Started 4 companies after @massachusetts-institute-of-technology Econ '07, sold one so far. Now CEO of @abroad101.

ID 109375

Mike Baker


Founder DataXu • Worked at @nokia, @enpocket • Studied at @brown-university, @university-of-southern-california

ID 36739

Eugene Kuznetsov


CEO of @gizmox. Founder of @datapower (acq. by IBM). Co-founder of @abine. Board member, advisor, investor.

ID 44885

Joe Cerra

Founder @vlingo • Studied at @tufts-university. MS in CS and HCI • Experienced iOS / Android hacker • Serious about design.

ID 35397

Dylan Pearce


Senior Associate at @polaris-partners-1

ID 25154

Jon Karlen


Venture capitalist, husband, father of 3, into sports, politics, music, ed-tech, Latin America hiking

ID 107724

Aaron White


Vice President at Venrock

ID 3817

John Simon


Partner at @sigma-prime-ventures ; Co-founder of @general-catalyst-partners; Founder, Chairman and CEO of @uromed Corporation (IPO in 1994)

ID 30302

Habib Haddad


Angel, Entrepreneur, VC. CEO of @wamda, Founder of @yamli, YallaStartup, Young Global Leader

ID 4376

Tim Jones

Investor in @buzzient. Founder and CEO of @buzzient. Founder and Managing Principal of @tbj-investments, LLC. Early investor in mobile and social innovation.

ID 9893

Matt Thazhmon


Investor in @truemoney, @freemyfriends, @tazup. Team member of @powerinbox.

ID 73680

Siamak Taghaddos


Co-founder & CEO, @grasshopper. Co-founder, @chargify & @popsurvey.

ID 92562

Andrew Paradise


Tech Entrepreneur

ID 7067

Allen Nance


Investor @springbot, @whatcounts • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 94139

PJ Solomon


General Partner, Second & Fourth - Worked @facebook, @monster-worldwide

ID 1204

JS Cournoyer


Partner at @real-ventures Entrepreneur angel investor husband father of 5 hockey player

ID 4256

John Lawrence


Investor in @constant-contact, @utest, @parlano, @viewfinity, @grab-networks, @symform.

ID 26815

Patrick Chun


@bain-capital-ventures. Investing in e-commerce, digital media, consumer net and enterprise. Once a growth guy at Francisco Partners. Harvard BA / @harvard-business-school MBA.

ID 8101

Alex Cook

Growth @hubspot. Previously co-founder at @rentabilities.

ID 36964

Christy Liu

Co-Founder @wanderfly (acquired by @tripadvisor). Co-Founder @living-breathing. Communications @university-of-pennsylvania.

ID 101849

Chuck Goldman


Serial entrepreneur. Currently @apperian. Previously @apple .

ID 275771

Eric Silverman


Managing Partner at Eastham Capital private equity. Former investor at Hub Angels, Transitions Capital and Aspen Investment Group. MIT Sloan.

ID 90042

Marcus Whitney

CTO and Co-Founder at @moontoast. Managing Director at @jumpstart-foundry.

ID 37571

Fareed Mosavat


I run product for @runkeeper. GM of @zynga Boston via @conduit-labs. Formerly @pixar, @brown-university CS.

ID 65742

Kayvon Bina


Entrepreneur & Angel Investor • Founder @rentenna, @franchisehelp • @goldman-sachs, @lazard Freres & Co.• Investor @counsyl • BS Symbolic Systems @stanford-university

ID 53691

Chase Garbarino


CEO and co-founder of @streetwise-media, acquired by Advance Publications, owner of Reddit, Conde Nast, etc. TUGG BOD, digital media sales/product guy.

ID 2290

Richard Banfield

Founder of @fresh-tilled-soil. Investor in @super-web-o-matic, @perksteet.

ID 41624

Frederic Lalonde

Founder - @hopper, Tnooz, @newtrade (Acq. by @expedia) Angel - @istopover, @jewlr Board - MakeMyTrip (MMYT)

ID 738

Todd Dagres


Partner, Founder at @spark-capital

ID 96302

Bobby Driscoll

Founder @BoardProspects • Studied at @ConnecticutCollege

ID 23930

Tim Curran


CEO Vela Systems. 25 years software industry starting as engineer at Accenture. Investor in @Vela Systems, @ezcater , @libboo .

ID 27319

Jon Chait


Partner, Dace Ventures, Investor and Company-Builder in Consumer Marketing and New Media

ID 1691

Steven Kane


Entrepreneur, investor, gadfly, haiku-ist.

ID 52851

Nick Goggans

Co-Founder/Biz Dev @umbel, the new neilsen for digital media. Ex: co-founder @Lytiks, Conversion Assoc, @CharlieRose. Skills: Web Analytics, AdWords, Media

ID 87497

Howie Hecht


Entrepreneur, Founder, Co-Founder, Angel Investor, Product Management Startup Executive

ID 42710

Jeremy Crane

Product & Ops lead at @oneforty. Product/Bus.Dev. Startup Exec. Led Online Media at @compete. Worked at @ford-motor Co. MBA-Michigan, ME/BE-Dartmouth, BS-Bates

ID 397167

Josef Mueller


25 years with Accenture (16 in Asia); then 1 yr with 4 yr old startup, then co-founded startup consulting firm

ID 24655

Jason Jacobs

Founder of @runkeeper.

ID 57926

Mark Hatch

CEO and Co-Founder of TechShop. Launched 3 Fortune 500 websites: Avery, Kinkos (ecommerce), & HealthNet's benefits ASP. Author, Speaker, MBA, Green Beret.

ID 72625

Jennifer E. Byrne


President, Quesnay. Former VP @american-express mcommerce; Exec @verizon led innovation, BD, & applications ecosystem. Investor: @vouchr, @lettuce, & CareatHand

ID 3533

Gil Dibner


Investor in @innovid, @profitect, @the-gifts-project, @sisense, @yedda.

ID 42698

Raj Gokal


Sano, General Catalyst Partners, Wharton School of Business Investor in FundersClub and YouEye

ID 169680

Mike Zelnick


Passion for ASIC Design, Tech startups and all Boston sports.

ID 35500

Steve Willis


Co-Founder of Wellfleet Communication, Argon Networks, Overlook. Raised $50M for a bunch of ventures that employed thousands and had valuations of $9B.

ID 53701

Frank Andrasco


General Partner at Early-Stage Technology VC

ID 111585

Brian Eberman


President and COO of EnglishCentral. Strong business, product and technology background. MIT Ph.D

ID 40308

Bob Cramer


CEO @nimbit (sold to PreSonus), CEO @livevault (sold to IRM $50M), CEO @firstsense (sold to CCRD $100M), Oracle ($50M-1B), AT&T Bell Labs. MS, UC @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 170126

Jeremy Redburn

Founder @salsify • Worked at @endeca, @ibm • Studied at @williams-college

ID 100109

Ivan Mitrovic


Leading Data Science team at PayPal, CTO at WHERE - acquired by PayPal, Founder at KMaps - acquired by WHERE

ID 1340

Rajeev Surati


Have founded 3 successful companies in both the display business, consumer internet, and consumer and enterprise realtime communication.

ID 93700

Ross Baird


Executive Director, Village Capital

ID 1686

Fred Shilmover


CEO & Founder of @insightsquared, M&A at, Associate at @bessemer-venture-partners. Started an IT consulting company during undergrad. @HBS 2010

ID 86813

Joost Ouwerkerk

Founder and CTO @hopper • Worked at @expedia, @newtrade

ID 350099

Jim Aylward


GeoTech pioneer and now investor in geospatial and location based technology specifically. Member of Launchpad Venture Group. Informal advisor and mentor.

ID 87762

Sebastien Rainville

Co-Founder and CTO at @hopper

ID 122699

Andreas Olofsson

CEO and Founder at Adapteva Inc.

ID 5869

Alex Bangash


Rumson Group. Helped invest in over 50 funds spanning private equity, Growth, VC and Real Estate. Invested globally in US, India, Europe, and China.

ID 9634

Geoffrey Clapp

Entrepreneur. Advisor @Rock_Health. Former COO/CTO of @health-hero-network, leading company from funding through major M&A exit. Worked at @apple, Kodak

ID 43298

Janet Aronica

Agency-bred PR pro. Marketing & Community at @oneforty.

ID 23477

Elizabeth G Riley


Investor in @keepideas, @incentive-targeting, @adchina, @ideapaint, @modflow, @lesser-evil, @imax, @college-coach, @trufit.

ID 65496

Christopher Stone

Managing Director at EPIC Ventures

ID 157587

Elisabeth Carpenter


Currently @evertrue. Founding Exec Team member @brightcove. Mentor @techstars. News Corp & BSkyB. @harvard-business-school.

ID 114266

Sean Lane


Chairman of the Board of @bts Corporation, @betamore, Digital Harbor Foundation, Lane Capital, @crosschx, and @ostp-ventures.

ID 2591

Sheryl Schultz


Involved with start ups for over 30 years as a marketer, mentor, board adviser, board member, and investor. Member of Golden Seeds and Launchpad Venture Group.

ID 5062

Woody Benson


Investor in @logmein, @worldwide-biggies, @expo-communications, @5-1.

ID 377528

Xan Tanner

Co-founder at Panorama Education. Formerly did analytics for the Yale Basketball Team. Love data and helping schools. Yale '13.

ID 103677

Hossein Kash Razzaghi


CEO of @fancred • Moved from Mississippi to Boston in 2006 to become an executive assistant at @brightcove. Left 7 years later as the top global salesperson.

ID 5760

Ari Buchler


Senior exec, board member, advisor. VP @sophos (2013+) / VP @Rocket-software (2012/3) / SVP @phase Forward (1999-2010), IPO 2004, sold to Oracle 2010.

ID 206214

Evan Kornack


Senior Associate at @data-point-capital - Previously worked at RainDance Technologies, UBS, and Leerink Swann - Darden MBA

ID 25893

Rajesh Ramanand


CEO & Founder @signifyd • Worked at @paypal, @fedex

ID 58259

John Fawcett

Founder, @quantopian. Founder, @tamale-software (sold to Advent). Harvard engineering undergrad.

ID 568

Adam Berrey


Advisor | Investor | Free Agent at Many Places

ID 146405

Ed Braginsky


Investor @gooddata, @libboo

ID 36974

John Prendergast

Fndr @blueleaf, Org. of Lean Startup Circle-Boston. Prod Mgt at @authentify, @veritel (Speechworks), @iflourish, Listen Systems (Bell Helicopter). Kellogg MBA

ID 2656

Mark Rogers

Founder & CEO, @boardprospects-1

ID 5835

Dan Von Kohorn


Co-founder/Principal of Beta Fund, a micro VC investing in early stage companies in the greater Boston area.

ID 18864

Investor's mission is to inspire more students to chase big ideas and become founders of impactful companies that drive innovation and economic growth.

ID 47526

Frank Edelblut


Member, Common Angels

ID 108846

Rob Schmults

SVP at @intent-media Board of Advisors at @bazaarvoice Council Leader at The Councils

ID 1771

Max Metral


@massachusetts-institute-of-technology Media Lab->Firefly->@microsoft, PeoplePC->@earthlink, @arts-alliance-labs... @povo... @fig Card->@paypal.

ID 8182

Peter Kirwan


CEO of Collexion, Inc., EIR at @neustar. CSO of @webmetrics, sold to @neustar. Founder @servercast, Sold to CMGi/Navisite and CTO through IPO.

ID 17160

James D Tollman


Investor in @brass-monkey, @biba-beverages-2, @gg-s-original.

ID 91406

Daniel Wallace


Co-founder of @NutraClick @harvard-university College '08.

ID 396403

Brendan Ciecko


Founder of Ten Minute Media.

ID 169202

Dan Scudder


Founder @liveramp • Worked at @rapleaf, @dmcny • Studied at @babson-college

ID 7722

Ben Jabbawy


Deep SMB family roots. Formerly cofounder at venture backed @oasys-water converting seawater into fresh for industry. @cornell-university Engineer

ID 59736

Carlos Cashman


CEO of @cuenotes, Managing Director ConstellationCK, Director: @secretbuilders, Asset Performance Technologies, 5 time founder of tech companies.

ID 70969

Larry Walker


Investor in @finsix-1, @calxeda, @pirus-networks, @current-analysis, @jam-technologies, @ciclon-semiconductor-device-corporation, @surgient-networks, @sirocco...

ID 160940

Masumi Nakamura


VP Eng @placester. Frmly @paypal @where. Published author on Android development.

ID 25342

David Opolon


Angel | Entrepreneur | Ph.D. Engineering Systems MIT

ID 6553

Dina Routhier


Venture Investor at the Massachusetts Technology Development Corporation

ID 264381

Bob Davoli

VC at Sigma and Sigma Prime. Formerly: Epoch Systems and SQL Solutions. Midas List.

ID 23404

Adam Besvinick


Partnerships + Biz Dev @wanelo | Previously @lowercase-capital, @gumroad | @harvard-business-school + @duke-university University alum

ID 60804

Saji Johnson


MP of Anicca Ventures, BofD of Snibbe Interactive, xEIR of Inspirit Ventures, xCEO of Weatherista, xCEO of AdLocal (acquired by Yahoo JP), xVP Bizz Dev, Marcom

ID 62923

Micah Adler


CEO and Founder at @fiksu, Inc

ID 35426

Elizabeth Yin

Co-founder & CEO of @launchbit. Have previously built profitable @niche-websites. Former @google Product Marketing Manager. BSEE @stanford-university, MBA MIT @mit-sloan-school-of-management.

ID 3446

Matthew Bellows

CEO of @yesware. Was VP Sales @vivox (Benchmark), GM @floodgate-entertainment (@zynga), CEO @wgr-media (@cnet), VP Sales @Interstep (@flycast).

ID 29974

Kyle Fugere


Venture Associate @dunnhumby Ventures

ID 34571

Scott Segel

I was part of the founding team @ Appswell Inc and am now the Director of Product @ Crowdly. I love working with product, particularly in the context of social.

ID 5047

Sean Lindsay

VP Engineering at Tapjoy by way of Co-Founder and CTO of @viximo. Veteran of a half dozen startups, five of which had exit event. Advisor, Mentor, Connector.

ID 1814

Chris Maeda


CEO Brick Street Software. EVP/CTO KANA Software. co-Founder / CTO Rubric Software (sold to KANA). @carnegie-mellon-university CS PhD. MIT VI-3. Former lispm hacker.

ID 55781

Brent Grinna

CEO of EverTrue. Recovering finance guy (William Blair, Madison Dearborn). Harvard MBA and former Captain of Brown University varsity football.

ID 116779

Jennifer 8. Lee

CEO of @plympton. Launch team at @upworthy. One of the youngest reporters at The @New York Times. Bestselling author. Survived Colbert. Applied math at @harvard-university.

ID 36

Alex Finkelstein


Team member of @spark-capital.

ID 33644

Daniel Sullivan

3x Founder, 14 years experience building leading edge communities, from Collegeclub in '99, Dell Ideastorm in 2005, Appswell, Crowdly. Techstars alum.

ID 3287

Jon Auerbach


VC at CRV. Frmly WSJ reporter (Pulitzer nominee). Focus on mobile and ad tech. Exits: Quattro, Starent, CCTV, @optasite.

ID 42203

Evan Hackel


President of Ingage Consulting. Have been involved in the startup of over 10 companies. Ran a 5 billion dollar business unit of CCA Global Partners.

ID 48345

Mark Lurie

Currently at @harvard-business-school, former VC at @bessemer-venture-partners. Cofounded @harvard-university College Grad.

ID 32415

Matthew Grace

Engineering meets product. Frmly: Director of Product Mgmt @oracle-corporation; built/deployed optimization suite Click Software & State Street; Studied CS.

ID 102062

Ben Anderson

CEO and Co-Founder at Narvii Inc. Previously founded @hypegenius, worked @paypal and @nimbit

ID 7450

Bilal Zuberi


Partner @lux-capital. Early stage disruptive technology investor. Previously VC @general-catalyst-partners, co-founder @rough-draft-ventures-1, MIT PhD.

ID 53737

Ryan Buckley

Co-founder of We do writing services for businesses. Also worked biz dev at @rapleaf. MIT @mit-sloan-school-of-management, MBA 2009 Harvard Kennedy School, MPP 2009

ID 29748

Doug Redding


Strategic Financial Advisor to Early-Stage Technology Companies

ID 83126

Albert Ho

Co-founder of @121nexus. Software & patent practitioner. Worked at BofA and Goldman. @cornell-university '07.

ID 46663

Barry Libert


Board member, CEO and board advisor, Technology investor

ID 362585

Jon McKay

Founder of Technical Machine, 1st startup out of school. Majored in computing at Olin College. Interned at Hangtime, Microsoft, and Pico-Digital.

ID 68282

Elon Ohevya

Founder @saverr-mobile • Worked at @check-point, @xacct • Studied at @bar-ilan-university, @academic-college-of-tel-avivv • @techstars alumni

ID 83555

David Weisburd

Founder & CEO @roomhunt. Dartmouth MBA. Top 1% AngelList.

ID 323990

Brian Truong


Currently @rothenberg-ventures. Previously @bessemer-venture-partners and @downtime. Studied Biology/CS @harvard-university.

ID 73637

Adrian Talapan


Founder @housefix, @clarix-llc-co-founder-sold-to-phase-forward • Investor @parlor-3, @rocktech • West Point, Harvard OPM. Gets things done.

ID 31453

Alex Rosenfeld

Founder & CEO. Experience includes media PE firm Alta Communications, media i-banking at JPMorgan, and Live Nation. A.B. from Princeton and MBA from @harvard-business-school.

ID 49043

Eric Carlstrom

CTO and Co-founder, EverTrue

ID 86102

John Brennan

ID 183964

Michael Johnson

Founder @oomba • Studied at @brandeis-university

ID 47184

Karan Singh

Co-founder of MIT Sloan (2011) / Harvard-MIT HST (on-hold). MIT Legatum Fellow. Strong health background (ZS Associates, Humedica, Signal Point).

ID 61705

Danny Castonguay

Founder AntPortal, @smart-coops • Worked at @mckinsey-company • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @mcgill-university

ID 85640

Hambleton Lord


Managing Director at Launchpad Venture Group

ID 48003

Shaun Johnson

Co-founder at @StartupInst. Associate at @techstars. @georgetown Hoya & Entrepreneur-in-Residence.

ID 326

Nick MacShane


Founder of @progress-partners, @progress-ventures. Team member of @cmgi, @virtual-access-networks.

ID 56401

Aditya Singh


VC at Longworth Venture Partners focused on business application investments (internet & mobile), 4 yrs at @intuit, BS in EE from @stanford-university University

ID 16347

Mike Grandinetti


MD,Southboro Capital,5X start-upCXO, 2 IPOs,5exits; Mentor:@techstars, Founders Inst, Long @massachusetts-institute-of-technology affiliation.Ex McKinsey.Connector to large global start-up network

ID 37129

Mitchell Roberts


Co-Founder & CEO: PR Restaurants, Angel Investor, MIT @mit-sloan-school-of-management MS

ID 1068

Donald Fischer


Venture Partner at @general-catalyst-partners • Investing in enterprise software, SaaS, open source, data science, and cloud computing • Board member and former CEO @typesafe • Previously at @greylock-partners, @red-hat, @inktomi

ID 232393

David Meerman Scott

Marketing strategist, keynote speaker, and bestselling author of 8 books including The New Rules of Marketing & PR and Newsjacking.

ID 12185

David Rose


Founder & CEO of @ambient-devices and @vitality. Faculty at MIT Media Lab.

ID 58087

Dave McLaughlin

Co-founder & CEO at @vsnap. Previously co-founded Fig (mobile payments, acquired by eBay / @paypal). Award-winning filmmaker. Uber Boston connector.

ID 56047

Brian Kalma

Former :CXO @gemvara. Former head of UX, Marketing, Creative Services at Former of UX at @gilt-groupe. Sold Snipwits in 2011.

ID 66213

Matt Younkle

CEO of @murfie, a highly addictive music marketplace. Invented, founded and sold TurboTap. (It pours draft beer 3x faster and with less waste. Seriously.)

ID 94599

Jo Tango


Venture builder. Partner at Kepha. Previously, Bain, Highland, Yale, Harvard. Blog at

ID 143497

Erica Swallow

Tech journalist (@forbes, @mashable, @the-huffington-post), digital marketer (@new-york-times, @contently), startup PR (@wehostels), entrepreneur (@deliverish).

ID 406353

Paul Karger, CFA


Co-Founder/Managing Partner @TwinFocus - Co-Founder/President @BridgeBostonCharterSchool

ID 64346

Alexander Horak

Head of Product Development @fetchnotes, PE at Wells Fargo, IB at Loofbourrow, Computational Informatics UofM, builder, entrepreneur.

ID 3462

Cashman Andrus

Founder & CTO @yesware • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology • Was CTO @musetrek, Founder @wgr-media (@cnet), Engineering Director @Interstep (@flycast @cmgi).

ID 47867

Drew Volpe


Co-Founder/CTO, @locately (acquired by SMG). Former Dir of Engineering at @endeca (acquired by Oracle, $1.1b). Harvard CS.

ID 209011

Ryan Paugh

Co-Founder and Chief of Staff at YEC

ID 85038

Chris Bullock

CMO & Co-founder @sky-analytics , strong product dev and sales bg; Worked @stocktwits,@nasdaq-omx; Studied at University of Colorado, Boulder

ID 38146

Casey Oppenheim

Cofounder @disconnect.

ID 38141

Chris Howard

Founder @libboo • Worked at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology-1, • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @harvard-university

ID 58760

Uli Mittermaier

Co-Founder of docTrackr and @brainloop. Worked at Netscape.

ID 99223

Eliran Sapir


CEO of @apptopia, hacker, serial entrepreneur, 1 software startup out of high school, founding team of several startups, EIR @greatpoint-ventures, BU dropout.

ID 66669

Jake Cohen


Marketing dork. Responsible for $62m in annual sales as Director of Strategy of @cbs; grew up in a household of ad agency execs.

ID 11157

Laura Rippy

Investor in @zillow.

ID 47658

Dave Bisceglia

Co-Founder & CEO at @the-tap-lab, MassChallenge Finalist, @techstars Boston 2011 Alum, Marketing & Biz Dev roles at Walden Media and Universal Pictures (UK)

ID 176854

Krishna Ramchandran

CEO/Co-founder @ubersense-inc. Worked at Citrix Online, Microsoft Research, and Cisco. PhD in CS from UCSB. Passionate golfer and aspiring triathlete.

ID 50022

Ralph Shao

Co-Founder & CTO at @the-tap-lab, @techstars Boston 2011 Alum, MassChallenge 2011 Finalist, Duke Startup Challenge 2009 Track Winner

ID 44795

Anmol Madan

CEO of Recent PhD @massachusetts-institute-of-technology Media Lab, modeling human behavior using passive mobile data and machine learning. Extensive academic publications, awards, press.

ID 307121

Allan Tear


I like to build things. Tech startups, social innovation, and all things Providence. Co-founder of Betaspring.

ID 35316

Dan Pickett

Software Engineering Educator and Team Lead, Technical CoFounder, and Former Director of Engineering at

ID 115208

Various Existing Investors

$200k committed to this round so far.

ID 134680

Nathan Sharp

Founder Nifti • Worked at @google • Studied at @harvard-university, @Tuck School of Business

ID 149940

Errik Anderson


Founder @adimab, @arsanis. COO @adimab. Tech/Biotech agnostic founder, adviser, board member, investor.

ID 37972

Chris Allen

CEO of @brass-monkey, Entrepreneur, Presenter, Software Inventor and Co-founder of @red5 and @infrared5

ID 78592

Maxwell Finn

Co-founder and COO @the-daily-hundred • Worked at @creopoint • Graduated second in class from @babson-college • Beta Gamma Sigma member.

ID 93930

Jamie Davidson

I code and crave me some knowledges. Co-founder at Pathgather

ID 90408

Oliver Young

Hands-on Product Manager and Social Business Strategist

ID 96996

Anthony Longo

Co-Founder/CEO @coeverywhere

ID 73335

Amrith Kumar

Database expert and architect. Frmly @netezza.

ID 8313

Andy Cook

Founder & CTO at @rentabilities

ID 185712

David Frankel

Founder @founder-collective

ID 2196

Charles Huang


Advisor/mentor @ health/tech accelerator Blueprint Health. Ex VC @ Spark Capital. Entrepreneur at Generation Health, sold to CVS. Payor corp finance & strategy.

ID 134161

Danny Crichton


Hacker and Investor • Invest at @general-catalyst-partners • Worked at @google on Google+ • Applied Math at @stanford-university

ID 63742

James Stone

Inbound Marketing Specialist at @hubspot

ID 119783

L.D. Salmanson


Entrepreneur, consultant, and investor. In that order.

ID 98931

Jonathan Kay

COO at @apptopia. Author of "@learn2buzz". Built @grasshopper's Buzz Department from (Helped increase WOM revenue to 30%) & co-founder of the @barcamp-tour.

ID 112501

Alexander LoVerde

Founder and CEO @wymsee, Former consultant @deloitte-consulting, BA in Psychology from @boston-college

ID 37218

Jonah Lupton

Founder: Lupton Media Group, Parabolic Ventures, The Greatest Pitch,,, The Lupton Group, InterCapital Group, and

ID 100164

Brad McNamara

CEO, Freight Farms. Modular, expandable and profitable food production units that use technology to take LOCAL FOOD GLOBAL. MBA, Masters Environmental Science.

ID 159077

Greg Kimball

Founder Nifti, Worked at Lend Lease, Studied at Tuck School of Business, University of Denver

ID 170643

Eyal Molad

Founder @saverr-mobile • Worked at @simigon, @irobinhood • Studied at @open-university-of-israel

ID 44984

Dominic Coryell

Co-Founder @curebit. Co-Founder and CEO Global Student Entrepreneur Award Winner.

ID 24263

Eric Brown

Team member of @media-armor.

ID 62349

Sergey Gribov


Technology entrepreneur with 20 years of experience across USA, Israel and Russia. Investor and adviser in several startups in IT space.

ID 44156

Michael Matousek

CEO/Co-Founder @flashnotes. Founded @flashnotes my senior year @kent-state-university. @noteutopia-acquired-flashnotes.

ID 74467

Brett Reed

Chief Operating Officer of @cohealo

ID 12309

Geoff Cramer


ID 190656

Dan Stefanis

Founder @wymsee, @techstars alum, formerly @deloitte-consulting, Mgmt & Film from @boston-college

ID 304814

Zoe Barry

Health care entrepreneur: tech meets higher standard of care. Formerly @athenahealth. Recovering investor. Columbia and Harvard.

ID 225717

Seth Rosen

Building mobile products @catalina-marketing ...Former co-founder @buywithme and product manager @livingsocial

ID 125648

Dwight Schultheis

I create and implement biz dev strategies that are profit focused and avoid channel conflicts. I love data, metrics, hard answers and creative solutions.

ID 36653

Dan Ryan

CEO, Co-Founder @bytelight, Software Developer at @bloomberg, B.S. Electrical Engineering, @boston-university

ID 21514

David Andonian


Investor in @hashable, @rapleaf, @vitrue, @everyscape, @locamoda, @cartera-commerce, @cityvoter.

ID 28242

Nate Drouin

Skipped college to found

ID 40705

Kent Bennett


VP at @bessemer-venture-partners focused on seed and early/growth stage investments in "big data"/analytics/data & cloud infrastructure.

ID 90530

Bob Hower


Founder @g20-ventures • Worked at @advanced-technology-ventures, @lotus-development-corporation • Studied at @harvard-university

ID 172233

Drew Watson

Founder achvr • Former VP, Account Director at MPG creating communications strategies for blue chip brands. Boston College graduate.

ID 291124

Chase McAleese

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer @jebbit, a TechStars company. I like tea, Hemingway, FC Barcelona, Old Fashioned's, and seeing the world.

ID 24505

Matthew Shampine


Currently: Director of Strategic Partnerships at WeWork. Past: co-founder of Onepager, Simande, & We Are NY Tech; advisor - Coffee Meets Bagel & Dealburner.

ID 432436

Nicholas Rellas

Intersection of Tech + Regulated Industry • CEO @drizly • Fmr. Ops and Strategy Junkie @new-england-coffee-co • Studied @boston-college

ID 160373

Mark Slaughter

Founder @cohealo • Studied at @university-of-miami

ID 177129

Nat Tarbox

Early employee at @brightcove. Led product design for Video Cloud and App Cloud, founding member of Professional Services team.

ID 18639

Gabriel Martin

Founded 1st startup: Organism (DOA & pivoting), Founded @entrepreneurial-advisory-network for startups on @angellist, Hustler/Survivor/Philosopher/Evangelist

ID 157842

Michael Pan

Founder @fancred • Worked at @motorola, @continental-automotive • @university-of-illinois-at-urbana-champaign

ID 315603

Dan Adams

Co-Founder & CTO at CO Everywhere. Former principal consultant, architect, head of engineering. CS BS/MS.

ID 367192

Derek Haswell

Co-founder & Head of Product at Revv, an early stage startup where behavior change is the name of the game.

ID 66249

Jake Diner

Social Driving Community, CEO and Founder helping people to get the best discounts on auto insurance

ID 123829

Brett Marley


CEO/President of Marley Holdings a commercial real estate owner

ID 16860

Craig Follett


CEO & Co-founder @uniiverse. Top ranked analyst at @bcg and @credit-suisse's TMT practices. Rock climbing enthusiast.

ID 139528

Steven Murray


Partner at @softbank-capital

ID 130858

Bill McCullen


Director at @launchcapital

ID 75886

Ken Rugg

Founder and operator. Frmly @excelon-corp & @progress-software.

ID 172219

Ryan Traeger

Founder | CEO of achvr.

ID 205797

Cameron Jacox

Founder LifeAssist • Worked at @manulife • Studied at @babson-college

ID 132028

Joe Pirone

VP of Engineering

ID 139539

Tamra Johnson


CEO/Founder @dryad-communications-3 . Investor. MBA @ucla Anderson, MS @stanford, BS @MIT

ID 42422

Smit Patel

Tenacious Marketer & Business Developer. 20. Was: @scriptrock, @hubspot, @flightfox (YCS12), Co-Founder @foundermatchup

ID 103922

Tom O'Connell


ID 136500

Alex Negrea

Co-Founder and CTO at docTrackr

ID 37836

Jeffrey M. Stoler


Lawyer in Boston; Longtime angel investor; Member of Launchpad; Co-founder of SideCar Angels.

ID 38011

Ed Cooke

I'm the co-founder and CEO of @memrise

ID 49130

Miguel Granier


Founder Invested Development. Founding Investment Manager FirstLight Ventures. Ex-ACCION Loan Officer.

ID 140107

Scott N. Miller

Product development and manufacturing expert. Former projects: @irobot @hasbro @the-walt-disney-company. Avid sailor.

ID 14971

Rohit Gupta


Director at TechStars Boston

ID 372574

Jit Saxena


Founder @netezza • Studied at @indian-institute-of-technology-bombay, @boston-university

ID 67666

Bob Crowley


Co-Founder, Managing Partner of The Mustang Group

ID 4481

Paul Margolis


ID 363888

Doron Gan

Founder CTO @viralgains, Director Engineering @OperaSolutions, Manager @vlingo, Comp Eng from CMU. Exceptional technical vision, leadership, and execution.

ID 331124

Abhishek Tiwari

Building @gapelia-1 with awesome people!

ID 122939

Altay Ural

Founder StyleSparrow • Worked at @betfair, @yahoo • Studied at @northwestern-university, @university-of-cambridge

ID 388394

Kristen Detsis

ID 11310

Matt Cutler

Founder & CEO of @collaborate. Formerly CMO of @visible-measures. Founder of @netgenesis. @techstars-1 Mentor.

ID 3424

Geoffrey Hyatt


Successful entrepreneur. Now keeping busy as an active advisor to a few great companies. Not investing much in seed stage at the current valuations.

ID 80302

AJ Arora

New products at @npr and founder of @dudes-bros-labs-2. Previously of @yahoo, Techcrunch, @stanford, and Purdue

ID 50829

David Verrill


Founder & Managing Director at Hub Investment Group

ID 37303

Stephen Andress


Angel investor (active in Boston Harbor Angels) and legal counsel to emerging companies.

ID 406216

Sanjiv Kalevar


Previously @37signals, @hydeparkangels and buy/build at Constellation Software. Chicago Booth for grad school, originally from Toronto, Canada.

ID 35890

Paul Ford

Entrepreneur, Technologist, Strategist, Ecosystem Builder, Startup Advisor, VC Whisperer, Connector of Dots, Creator of Cool Stuff (@techstars and @500startups mentor)

ID 171921

Steven Peterson

Founder @routesy • Worked at @imvu, @yahoo

ID 344707

Eric Poley

@objective-logistics @salesforce @veracode

ID 74341

Mike Putnam


Product guy and entrepreneur. Now SVP Mobile at KAYAK. Led mobile at Rue La La and at TripAdvisor earlier.

ID 35288

Carter Williams


20yrs of Startup, Operations, Venture and R&D experience across aerospace, energy, embedded systems. Successful exits in energy, pharma and aerospace.

ID 293513

Karen Murphy

BD at PayPal, building mobile RTB partnerships. International start-up experience, 7 years in Latam & 2 in Europe. Boston College Carroll School of Mgmt.

ID 4608

Tom Carter


Operate in business credit. Focus on venture, growth and expansion stage businesses. Prior experience: Software, data, analytics.

ID 6434

Mario Ricciardelli


Founder/CEO of @hiphost, a marketplace for customized tours hosted by locals. Founded @studentcity. Sold in 2004 to TUI Travel, Plc.

ID 143192

Jeremy Katz

Currently at @stackdriver. Previously worked at @hubspot and @red-hat. Founding member of Fedora project. MIT SDM 2008.

ID 75345

Rob Robinson


Investor / Entrepreneur / Executive Managing Director @hyper-ventures

ID 103513

Yoav Shapira

Worked at @hubspot, @deloitte-consulting • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @boston-university

ID 66569

Ben Greene

Consulting technologist. Creator of @devosaurus, @minerva-condos, et al. Previously @insightsquared, @boundless, @backupify, @nextlot. @techstars-1 2010. @carnegie-mellon-university CS.

ID 442

Antonio Rodriguez


General Partner at @matrix-partners

ID 29333

Brendan McManus

@btbk, @startupdigest (@startupweekend), @wildfire-interactive (@google), @updown, Notre Dame '09, Andover '05

ID 2753

Phil Shevrin


Investor in @buddy-media, Huffington Post, @buzzfeed, Ziplist.

ID 74289

John Gargasz


Entrepreneur, tech investor, real estate professional. Working on John Gargasz 3.0: balance, passion, start-ups, family, a better world

ID 64956

Ravi Agarwal


Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & Angel Investor

ID 164058


Founded @pubdb

ID 44986

Kyle Austin

Startup Connector. MarCom Consultant 4 early-stage, high-growth start-ups: @zaarly, @bytelight, @runkeeper, @giftiki, @singleplatform & @stocktouch. Babson MBA.

ID 138012

Scott Maxwell


Senior Managing Director at @openview-venture-partners

ID 91583

James Daniels

Entrepreneur, Rails Developer, and Mobile Device Management guru—President of @appblade a cross-platform beta testing, enterprise appstore, and MDM solution

ID 16544

Ryan Johnson

Wells Fargo Retail Finance- Business Development, VP

ID 260785

Lars Albright


Founder of @sessionm

ID 49200

Marco Janeczek


Venture Partner Infinite Ventures

ID 40159

Moritz Plassnig

Founder/CEO @codeship. Founder/CFO @starteurope. @techstars Boston. @seedcamp.

ID 118146

Luis F. Trevino


Managing Director at @Beamonte Investments.

ID 55202

Christine Perkett


Making startups work 20 yrs: biz plans, VC decks, PR/marketing, branding. 3x CEO & Founder, Board Dir: Health Care, Fashion, Tech. Blog @forbes @marketingprofs

ID 47562

Ming-Tai Huh


Partner at @genie-bottle-ventures @massachusetts-institute-of-technology-1 @MIT Sloan Strong background in strategy, business development and product management

ID 71497

Evan Shore

Founder @noah-s-ark-foundation • Worked at @bluefin-labs, @Carlyle, @mckinsey-company • Studied at @harvard-university Business School, University of Pennsylvania

ID 101258

Kris Tuttle


Director of Research at SoundView Technology Group, GP of the Active Innovation Partnership.

ID 174477

Andrew Moss


Founder BuyWithMe, SparkCommerce, Customink

ID 82706

Albert Wang


Student at Harvard Business School

ID 7449

Brett Martin

Founder @sonar. Former Director @k2-media-labs. Fulbright Fellow. Studied @dartmouth-college. Sailor. Bad Bassist. Recovering Banker. Lover of life.

ID 66889

Jerry King


Currently COO at Vets First Choice. Was COO at @where which sold to eBay in 2011. Addicted to early stage start-ups. Tufts alum.

ID 24836

Victoria Song

VC at Flybridge Capital. Into tech, cool start-ups, passionate entrepreneurs with big ideas. Rock climber, ice skater, taekwondoist.

ID 100288

Stan Miroshnik


Energy. Finance. Internet. @university-of-california-berkeley. @MIT.

ID 169926

QiHui Zhang

Product Manager @adelphic, Worked at @paypal • Studied at @babson-college, @suffolk-university

ID 329931

Jack Danahy

Founder @ounce-labs, @qiave-technologies • Worked at @ibm, @watchguard • Studied at @rensselaer-polytechnic-institute

ID 85231



COO @ Dyn. PoliSci @ Cal. JD/MA @ Duke. Passionate about Tech, NH the outdoors.

ID 119538

John Melas-Kyriazi


CFO at @startx | Founder at @stanford-startx-fund

ID 30677

Martin Lowenthal


International raconteur and helluva nice guy!

ID 173853

Bill Babeaux

City Launcher @instacart • Ops/Logistics @zaarly, Fulbright in Mexico at @volaris • Studied at @ohio-state-university

ID 4722

Teddy Rice


Advisor to Drop the Chalk.

ID 242951

Emma Tangoren


ID 244286

Joe Savastano

Vast experience in PR, writing/copy editing and content marketing. I've worked at multiple start-ups as well as for multiple established companies.

ID 121144

Kerrie McCarthy

Former @yahoo with a passion for metrics, social and travel. A bit of a background in health as well. Versatility is my strongest attribute.

ID 12388

John Vajda

a product manager entrepreneur. Worked for @paypal, @ebay, Oracle and @rue-la-la.

ID 64281

Brian Sachetta

Software developer and designer, specializing in mobile apps and branding. Graduated from BC in 2012. Passionate about great design.

ID 440498

Chris Hote

Founder @polyspace • Worked at Verilog, PolySpace, @the-mathworks, Digimind • Angel Investor . Board member . Technology Evangelist . Studied at @mit-sloan-school-of-management (Finance, Marketing), @paul-sabatier-university-toulouse-3 (Physics PhD)

ID 11418

Greg Dracon


Early-stage VC at @406-ventures and techno-geek

ID 299799

Andy Atkinson

Full-stack web application software developer

ID 298483

Ashesh C Shah (alex)


Board member/Investor @good-co Adviser @zypsee Board/Investor @RevolutionWear Board/Investor @Kingfish do Brasil Investor @Black Duck Software 3 patents

ID 103539

Christopher Little

Founder @Sled LLC • Director of Product Marketing @brightcove

ID 66682

Michael de la Maza


Agile Coach and Trainer

ID 26785

Sean Creeley

CEO and Co-Founder of @embedly.

ID 26801

Joseph Omansky

Serial entrepreneur in financial technology. Trusted Insight, largest platform for LPs and GPs, and SkyRank, patented hedge fund rating, sold IP to Morningstar.

ID 27971

Paige Brown

Co-Founder and CEO of @dashbell. Founder of @tripeezy and @couture-escapes. Travel Industry Fanatic. Entrepreneur.

ID 66756

Nick Plante

Web product hacker guy. Founder @zerosum-labs, @wefunder, @rails-rumble, Startup Workaway, @rdoc-info, @mogotest. INTJ. ADHD. OMFG. BBQ.

ID 395

Jonathan Seelig


Investor in @zipcar, @dotomi, @sundaysky, @5min, @volicon, @bpg-werks, @bpg-motors.

ID 45316

Dan Lasher


Investment banking at Victory Park - alum of Streetwise Media (acq by ACBJ), GrandBanks Capital (VC) & Revolution Partners (acq by Morgan Keegan)

ID 123095

Nick Francis

Founder @help-scout

ID 54427

Timothy Barton


Serial entrepreneur with two successful exits. Interested in next angel investment opportunity and hands-on leadership/partnership.

ID 121188

Timothy Atchison

ID 345111

Evan Schwartz


Investor at ArcLight Capital Partners

ID 19239

Elias Torres


Founder @performable, technical executive in three startups including @hubspot and obsessed with building startup engineering teams.

ID 133777

Uri Laserson

Data scientist at @cloudera. Co-founded @good-start-genetics. PhD in Biomedical Engineering at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology. Genomics technology in George Church's lab for immunology.

ID 21998

Jamie Goldstein


Investor in @qd-vision, @mformation-technologies, @viridity-software, @fring, @o3b-networks, @actifio, @compass-eos, @plexxi, @soundbite-communication, @arsenal-medical.

ID 260660

Maulik Majmudar


Associate Director, Healthcare Transformation Lab, MGH • Worked at @brigham-women-s-hospital, @massachusetts-general-hospital-mgh • Studied at @university-of-maryland-college-park, @northwestern-university

ID 82693

Justin Bedecarré

Founder @42floors • Worked at @cushman-wakefield • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 45042

Isabelle Plante

Digital marketing leader with experience building leading consumer marketplaces. My philosophy is to capitalize on the intersection of technology, creative and analytics to drive growth and brand affinity.

ID 19165

Jean-Charles Sisk

Core UIE Architect at @paypal, formerly of @where

ID 56078

Ted Chan

Current CEO of @upward-mobility. Multiple successful ventures as an entrepreneur. Strategy consultant in tech, media and telecom. MIT @mit-sloan-school-of-management MBA.

ID 4133

Deepak Sindwani


Investor in, @broadsoft, @clovr-media, @bubblemotion, @cquotient, @targetspot, @belair-networks, @myedu, @new-global-telecom.

ID 33392

Niraj Shah


CEO & Co-founder of @wayfair ($500M+ online home goods retailer);co-founder of Simplify Mobile and Spinners, EIR at Greylock.

ID 12888

Tim Wright


Investor in @celtra-technologies, @bison, @eachscape and @xkoto.

ID 38057

James Bull

Board member;, VP or dir.; MicroProse, Activision, First Software, CBS,, Advisor to physical,,

ID 252390

Roshni Goel

MBA student at HBS; technical background; worked in tech consulting in emerging markets (Booz&Co) and sales ops (

ID 52784

Mike Nugent

I've lived the problem we are attacking. I have over $3 billion of PE / VC fund investments to my credit. I was an LP; I invested in this market for 10 years.

ID 58090

Jessica Kim

CEO/Founder of @babbaco. Ready to rock my second consumer startup. Kellogg MBA. @brown-university University. Kraft brand management.

ID 270571

Millie Liu


Founder@TwiThinks. Associate @techstars. Director @mit-chief. Entrepreneur Community Builder. Consultant. Backpacker. Foodie. Basketball Player. Adventurer.

ID 156952

Steven Lee


Founder @scanscout • Worked at @tremor-video, @bose-corporation • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 110489

Rasmus Goksor


Two prior tech startups (1st out of high school). Former VC lawyer with fund-formation/start-up focus @Gunderson.

ID 88894

John Coogan

Founder @drop-some-knowledge • Games: @the-walt-disney-company, Mobile: @vlingo, Quant Finance: @citadel-investment-group VC: @invested-development

ID 143461


CEO of @cloud-cms. 1st company in high school, 15 years CMS industry. Worked at Alfresco, @vignette, @trilogy. Kellogg MBA 2007.

ID 47173

Seth Lieberman

Currently CEO of @pangea-media, makers of engagement to drive customer acquisition. Entrepreneur | Father | Runner | Diver | General Life Enthusiast

ID 275120

Stefanie Matthews

Worked at @paypal

ID 357969

Sean Marshall

ID 6666

Fay Rotenberg


VC Investor. Venture Developer. Startup Helper. Resource efficiency + distributed systems – energy + enterprise tech. Ever-curious, always learning.

ID 14472

Mark Tortorella


Team member of @sigma-partners.

ID 237703

Khaled Jafar


HBS MBA 2014. Strong business and strategy background (Office of Tony Blair,Monitor Group). Georgia Tech Industrial Engineering 2008

ID 74247

Michael Troiano

New York ad man, 6 x Entrepreneur, top 1% influence on @twitter. Now CMO, @actifio.

ID 213395

David McGaffin

web and mobile developer; developing with various front-end technologies for 15 years.

ID 209600

John Amicangelo

Northeastern CS magna cum laude, Full stack generalist; assumed development lead on critical site features at TapWalk, PayPal, and Careport Health.

ID 29464

Jim Moran


Veteran entrepreneur & Ceo with successful outcomes at @covergence, @edocs, @virtusa and @checkfree.

ID 343931

Sean Sevey

Young professional working in higher education. Excited about developing ways to improve education through technology. Worked at UMaine and Regis College.

ID 3127

Bill Kaiser


Partner at @greylock-partners

ID 255531

Joseph Santoro

DC/LA Superconnector @forbes @MoxieStrategy @StartupGrindDC @ADmapco Creative Strategist, Media2.0Sensei, Political Wonketeer, Entrepreneurial Techie, Neuro PhD

ID 174242

Ariel Nichols

Worked at @paypal, @where

ID 233544

JT White

Co-founder @triage-1. Previously designer at MIT Media lab & Harvard. Masters in Architecture.

ID 22230

Stephen K. Smith


Investor in @tremor-media, @newsgator, @expotv, @packet-design, @chumby-industries, @centric-software, @scanbuy, @nexaweb-technologies, @aep-networks, @ecount, Tizor...

ID 418097

Samuel Diters

Account Director at Brightcove, have grown with the company from start-up to IPO. Smart, nice and looking for a passionate workplace!

ID 238718

Jim Salem


Founder,; VP, Cloud @acquia; VP, Engineering @EnduranceInternational; Cloud guru; s/w developer; MIT Media Lab

ID 304875

Matthew Graziano

Passionate innovator looking for the next big project. Previously of @zapprx @runkeeper.

ID 144632

Dhiraj Malkani


Partner, Rockport Capital Partners

ID 402612

William Coffield


Focus on technology investments and exceptional management teams that are driven to build valuable companies around big ideas.

ID 208188

Beamonte Investments


Beamonte Investments | Private Equity | Real Estate | LatAm | US

ID 12462

Kevin Ebaugh

Person at IFTTT, profile-holder at AngelList.

ID 36306

Mark Chen


Co-founder Experience in VC (Easterly Capital, Meritage), cleantech @abound-solar, internet and hardware @nantero. MIT EE/CS, HBS MBA, @bcg Consultant

ID 171305

Eric Newman

Builder, Team Player, Analytical Harvard MBA, Rigorous, Hustler.

ID 268692

Jonathan Stickney

Northeastern CS/IS; Work at Brightcove; Sales Engineering & Consulting experience with streaming video; Dabble in webdev; Always thinking of novel ideas

ID 32970

Andre Gardner


ID 146415

Evan Kostorizos

Inventory Management at • Worked at @coupontrade, @european-commission • Founder Blueshift Innovations Inc • Northeastern University JD 2003, Harvard University ALB 1999

ID 46141

Rishi Dean

Entrepreneur & product guy currently @Sittercity. Formerly @nanigans, @VisibleMeasures, @LimeTreeCove & Entrepreneur-In-Residence @EshipMIT.

ID 405600

Drew Beaurline

Founder @construct-2 • Product Manager @safer-taxi, @techstars Alumni w/ @fetchnotes, Research Lead @World Startup Report

ID 161797

Stipe Ivan Latkovic

Tech lead @paypal

ID 117269

Thos Niles

ID 269345

Kim Walsh

Former Canadian Soccer player, HubSpot enterprise Marketing Specialist, Founder of Boston Web Creative, Babson MBA.

ID 92019

Lee Gentry

Product Lead at @collaborate. Worked at @doctrackr, @techstars, @gemvara, @scvngr.

ID 168961

Grant Ho

Head of Product Mktg @carecloud; Mentor @Rock_Health. Worked @ge-healthcare, @novell, @oliver-wyman. #HealthIT, #B2B, #SaaS. Hold 3 Degrees from MIT.

ID 49644

Carlos Rodarte

Interested in technology, mobile, and all things healthcare.

ID 330337

John Capodilupo

CTO at Bobo Analytics. Harvard dropout. Multiple publications in top astrophysics journals. National Winner Intel Science Talent Search 2010.

ID 270184

Matt Hodgson

I build revolutionary education products @goboundless

ID 115417

Noah Heller


EIR at Altas Venture. Previously Product Director for Call of Duty @ Activision. Technical designer for original Xbox Live. Constantly balancing biz and dev.

ID 96097

Philip Wolf

Board Director India: NASDAQ:MMYT US/CAN: Hopper, Inntopia, Sphere, GBTA, QuickMobile Russia: Oktogo, DataArt Brazil: Dashbell EUR: TrustYou, Net Trans, Odigeo

ID 182562

Matt Solar


Babson entrepreneur, love demand gen, marketing/sales funnel analysis. Worked at Monster, TripAdvisor, and uTest.

ID 109968

Brian Whalley

Inbound marketing since 2007, always working on building marketing presence and systems at early-stage startups. UMass Amherst '07.

ID 363819

Patrik Outericky

Founder and CTO @simplelegal YC S13. 10 years in litigation management and billing analytics through prior company. Second time founder.

ID 110772

Bradford Coffey

VP Product Strategy and Corporate Development at @hubspot

ID 460173

Karina S. Villanueva

Public Health professional interested in improving healthcare and increasing patient engagement through innovative use of technology and analytics

ID 386780

Christopher Englund

Road racing cyclist, @rotterdam School Of Management MBA & @university of Chicago BA; @hubspot Enterprise Account Manager & Connoisseur of Fine Marketing

ID 196568

Christine Rizk

Founder @fashion-project • Studied at @northwestern-university, @harvard-law-school

ID 98756

Janet Holian

COO Gemvara. Former CMO & President of Europe for Vistaprint. Advisor to startups.

ID 470416

William Ho

Experienced in Design & Branding as well as other disciplines such as Marketing, Web Design, Product Design, Interactive Design and UX Design Will has consulting globally.

ID 58441

Manuel Weiss

Founder/Design @codeship Front-End Developer. 6 years experience in UX-Design. @techstars-1 Boston.

ID 447768

Caroline Bagby

Director of Marketing & Communications with @coeverywhere • Passionate about creative and direct content that evokes action

ID 91439

Fabio Espindula

Founder @ehardhat. Currently helping startups at @acquisitionlabs. Previously at & (acquired by AOL).

ID 134972

Peter Sellis


Product Manager, Analyst, INTP. Work at @science. Past at @ustream, @lek-consulting • Studied at @university-of-chicago, @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 361720

Pete Cheslock

Webscaling /etc/hosts at @DynInc - @BosOps Co-Founder - Villager for Hire - Theory of Constraint Enthusiast - OpsChef, RelEng, Cycling, Scotch, Food.

ID 241010

Founder of Rally Sports. Worked at RunKeeper and Blackrock. Bucknell undergrad, MBA from Pitt. Big East Hoops was bliss.

ID 163493

Christopher Steger

Worked @skyhook, PhD in EE from @rice-university. Used data science and project management skills to analyze, build, and scale Skyhook's positioning system.

ID 137791


Channel Development at HubSpot

ID 442546

Johan Mickos

Computer Engineering student at Boston University

ID 192459

Scott Edelstein

Coach at @nu-idea | Student at @northeastern-university | Worked at @warby-parker & @thrillist-com

ID 249721

Katie Cowie

ID 65746

Jessica McLear


Member at Launchpad Ventures Angel Group.

ID 202344

Sam Chisholm


Experienced Project Manager for Delivery @uTest Passionate about engineering, fine automobiles and disrupting business models everywhere Closet Value Investor

ID 24540

Arron Acosta

Co-Founder @RiseRobotics. Former Supply Base Engineer at @apple. Studied Mechanical Engineering at @MIT.

ID 45259

David Greenstein

Founder & CTO, @collaborate. Advisor, StillSecure. Advisor, MobileDay.

ID 197719


Love to help startups and accelerators to succeed: @techstars Operations Manager, @MITSloan Alum (GM'06), @MITboston Board Member

ID 98944

Michael Redbord

@compete and @hubspot; Tufts Philosophy & CS undergrad. I like building marketing and business processes.

ID 37804

Josh Bob

Founder @turnstar (@textaurant) - sold 2013 • Global Facilitator @startupweekend • Studied at @babson-college (MBA) & @brandeis-university • Comfortable wearing many hats.

ID 282636

Jon Bishop

Web Developer at @AMP_Agency in Boston, MA. @BostonWP organizer. @SocializeWP dev. Developer, Public Speaker and Internet Marketing Specialist.

ID 177401

Brian Singleton

Currently helping SMBs transform their marketing and sales with Inbound Marketing @hubspot

ID 474780

John Carione

Product Marketing and Management Executive

ID 350632

Alexander Falk


Co-founder and CEO of @altova, co-creator of XMLSpy, entrepreneur, licensed captain, love to talk XML, XSLT, XPath, XBRL, XML Schema, Boating, GPS, Ham Radio.

ID 41087

Ben Carcio

CEO of @promoboxx. Former Division VP, @bizunite (@cca-global-partners). Co-Founder, @acadient. UMass (Amherst), @techstars (Boston 2011).

ID 126113

Erin O'Reilly

A talented, senior level marketing communications professional with expertise in PR, events, website and internal & external company communications.

ID 266561

Martin Pitkow


Sales and Strategy exec @ SuccessFactors / SAP, 25 years enterprise sales and sales management, start up through large co. fast growth cycles.

ID 6332

Robert DiLoreto


Connecting Innovation to the record time!

ID 410446

Chase Oliver

ID 17264

Corey Hoffstein

Co-Founder & CIO @ Newfound, where we use quantitatively-enabled solutions to promote behavior-driven investment strategies over chasing performance

ID 236632

Jonathan Aguiar

Professional poker player since '05 • 2012 WSOP Bracelet Winner • Advisor at @draftkings • Wentworth BCOS '05 • Luck is just noise, Success is in the signal

ID 112421

Trent Ashburn

Built algo trading models for 4 hedge funds, and computer simulations for several Fortune 500 companies. @brown-university CS.

ID 25231

Brian York


CEO/Co-Founder @enthuse, Co-Founder @sports-identity, Creator of Take the Lake @skialpine, Creator of major events for The V Foundation (ESPN)

ID 37914

Andrey Ostrovsky, MD

Founder @care-at-hand. Practicing MD. Social Entrepreneur. Expert in healthcare reform and reimbursement. Formerly: World Health Org, US Senate, SF Health Dept.

ID 411247

Sarah Hodges

Founder @intelligent-ly • VP of Marketing at @smarterer • Worked at @runkeeper • Studied at @scripps-college, @babson-college-franklin-w-olin-graduate-school-of-business

ID 3003

Marc Held

Founder and CEO of @weft; Co-founded @zazu; Mobile Consultant; National Cyber Defense Champion; Six Sigma Yellow Belt; Researcher; Teacher.

ID 49020

Fred Eberlein

Advisor to @metta-by-dragontape.

ID 160347


Founder @benchling. Siemens winner ( On leave from @massachusetts-institute-of-technology CS.

ID 197769

Jon Gettle

Marketing consultant at HubSpot

ID 374217

Roman Kishchenko

Mobile (iOS, Android) and server development.

ID 73257

Holly McNamara

Registered Structural Engineer meets Construction Proj Mngr meets @delivering-happiness-llc Book Launch w/ @tony-hsieh. Former Evangelist @udemy. @boston-medical-center Project Manager.

ID 52264

Jason Evanish

Customer Driven Product Manager. Formerly Product at @kissmetrics & Co-Founder at @greenhorn-connect

ID 3527

Chris G. Shaw


Entrepreneur-in-residence at @Think-Big-Partners, Co-Founder of @lexspot. @scvngr alum/licensed attorney. B2B & Consumer exp.

ID 46306

Aki Balogh

CEO/Co-Founder of Informite. Former Big Data VC, Mgmt Consultant, Dev, Entrepreneur (Calpont InfiniDB). BBA UofM-Ross, AAS Comp Sci.

ID 44537

Brian Dixon


Associate at @kapor-capital

ID 3722

William Rice


Worked at @cue-ball-capital

ID 261623

Shelley Steigerwald

Marketing strategy + planning for product teams, startups. Business nerd. Boston-based. Babson MBA '09.

ID 288788

Prahar Shah

Founder and CEO of Mobee. Former EIR at General Catalyst and Googler. MIT Graduate.

ID 218485

Matt Lauzon


We believe every person at every company should be both happy and productive.

ID 121254

Sean Robertson

Web Architect, Data Visualizer, Rapid Prototyper

ID 63632

Tony Morris

Investor in @idealab!, @3com, @citysearch, @cleantech-group, @connected-corporation, @seewhy, @nexagent, Interact Commerce (IACT), @biddingforgood, Insurance...

ID 87322

Daniel Kornev

Founder of @zet-universe (NUI + Big Data Analytics enabling IW productivity) • Worked at @microsoft, @google • MS in CS (2008).

ID 101850

Brad Noble

Product design @cloudant. Previously, @postposting

ID 156369

Andy Ellicott

Worked at @cloudant, @voltdb • Studied at @middlebury-college

ID 42037

Sonciary Honnoll

Co-Founder; VP of Client Services, @promoboxx. Founding Team of @futurefridays and @bizunite. Belmont University, BBA (Product Dev). @techstars (BOS 2011) .

ID 26283

Davorin Gabrovec

co-founder at @zeppelin-1 • Product enthusiast • @techstars-1 alum

ID 264540

Robin Johnson

Founder/CEO of Skit! • Worked at @electronic-arts, @digital-domain • Studied at @university-of-massachusetts-amherst

ID 34612

Anshuman Das

Built and sold companies, MS and MBA with 4.0 GPA

ID 211805

Algert Sula

Multi-talented, multilingual design entrepreneur with fresh ideas and compelling style. Comprehensive technical expertise, as well as highly developed leadership and interpersonal skills. Experience with a wide range of industries, including financial, co

ID 77136

Romish Badani

Co-Founder and CEO of @lexspot, making legal services more transparent and affordable. Sales Ops at @zocdoc. Investor @tpg-capital, Banker @goldman-sachs)

ID 4444

Jason Meinzer

Founder @zagster; VC-backed. Formerly graduated from Drexel w/ 3.9, was Adjunct Professor at Temple and built software for Unisys, Dept. of Commerce and Merck.

ID 152050

Kyle Paice

Director of Marketing @rentjuice, acquired by Zillow ($40M) in June 2012. Formerly Product Guy @hubspot.

ID 12491

Chris Walti

Co-founder of @styleseek, BizDev at @v2green (acquired 2008), VC at @highland-capital-partners, Analytics Lead at @accenture, 2 Patents, BSEE @UIUC, @MIT MBA.

ID 248131

Bobby Touran


Born into a family of educators, scrambled through college applications. Founder @applykit EiR @wasabi-ventures Alumni @mcgill-university University

ID 291100

Karin Brandt

CEO @courbanize. Worked at Lincoln Institute. @massachusetts-institute-of-technology Master in City Planning. @techstars Boston '13.

ID 137816

Jay Singh

CEO @viralgains / @masschallenge 2013 & @500Startups Batch 007 alumni. Positive about life. Interested in tech, venture capital, business, & #ViralMarketing.

ID 50797

Tole Khesin


Investor in @localytics, @incentive-targeting, @sepsensor.

ID 358596

Chris Klomp


Active Angel · Bain Capital PE · Collective Medical Tech chairman · BlackSwan Neuro co-founder · Lemnos Labs advisor

ID 10646

Tim Kilroy


Founder @adchemix , @OMedia, @DeepInventory,@spinshark . Deep in SEO/SEM/RTB. Former @inktomi , @triggit , @karmaloop , @wayfair , @pm-digital. Optimist.

ID 18084

Darren Wang


Founder of OwlTIng, OBOOK. (OBOOK Holdings Inc.) Worked at Google(MV), Cyworld USA, Cywee Group before Studied at Boston Univ(MSEE). National Taiwan Univ.(BS)

ID 160210

Jon Gilman

Product manager @runkeeper. Craft beer advocate. Boston transplant. Lifelong philly sports fan.

ID 420291

Jeffrey Erwin

My passion is the development of interdisciplinary teams focused on compelling strategies.

ID 11868

Ankit Mahadevia


Founder Rodin Therapeutics • Worked at @atlas-venture, @mckinsey-company • Studied at @wharton-school, @northwestern-university

ID 4728

Joseph Schwendt

Chief Mobile Solutions Architect at @apperian, iOS developer/Apple fanboy, startup junkie, Alt Rockaholic, wine and beer aficionado, can't get enough spicy food

ID 62722

Brent Gilmore

Co-Founder at @highfive. Also founder of & Marketing at (acquired in 2011)

ID 9829

Vinay Seth Mohta

Technical product guy. Formerly @kayak and @endeca. MIT Alumnus.

ID 2940

Miguel De Icaza


Software programmer, founder, Mono and Gnome projects.

ID 79248

Erik Kostelnik


Proven business leader that has built and managed $mm sales, marketing and service teams, monetized products, formed strategic partnerships and raised capital.

ID 292112

Sara Hopson

Worked at @maxwell-health, @dailyfeats • Studied at @emerson-college, @gannon-university

ID 332222

Jim Toga

Technical/Exectutivel founder at Mercer Road Corp., Vivox Inc., eDial Inc., Libretel and Mobiwifi after cutting teeth at Intel, Banyan Systems and Xylogics.

ID 417909

Alexei Erchak

Founder & CEO nuSOCKET. Founder and CTO Luminus Devices. • Ph.D at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology 2002, BA @skidmore-college 1997

ID 207180

Radhika Malik

Software Engineer at Expect Labs. MIT M.Eng graduate 2013 (EECS), MIT graduate 2012 (CS and Math). Previously interned at Microsoft, Amazon, Tower Research.

ID 90313

Mikael Cho

Founder at @ooomf | Former Olympic Development Soccer Player | Studied Psychology & Neuroscience @university-of-wisconsin

ID 46606

Chris Bolman

@zoomtilt & @buzzfork founder. Marketing hacker. Grew strategic marketing consultancy to 10X revenue and team of 45 in 3 yrs. Learned math at @goldman-sachs.

ID 133703

Ryan Detzel

Code writer @ TalkTo. Currently on my fifth startup and loving it.

ID 174990

Tony Zanders

Founder/CEO of Applyful. 6th startup, 3rd as founder. Sold ads at @simply-hired. Ran marketing @uversity-1 Inc. Self-taught designer and front-end developer.

ID 3952

Mina Hsiang


ID 127040

Ben Einstein


Product design and development expert. Propelling ~10 startups a year @Bolt-Boston.

ID 193475

Aubrie Pagano

Fashion disruptor | CEO of @bow-drape | 2nd start-up | Strategy at @emily-muller-apparel + @fidelity-invesments | @harvard 2008

ID 11669

Greg Rublev

Director, Product @ NetProspex. Former Director, Product @ ZoomInfo.

ID 28049

Alan Albert


Entrepreneur, Innovator, Advisor. Founder of three successful software companies including FileMaker, acquired by @apple.

ID 42030

Dan Koziak

CXO @promoboxx. User Experience @continuum. Product Manager @bizunite. Co-founder @gazungle. Design HBO. @techstars-1 Boston 2011

ID 35894

Karen Macumber

CEO @lifeables. 4th startup - ZDI 93; @monster 96; Fulgent 99 (grew to $20M sold in 2008). 18 years digital.

ID 220822

Mike Broberg

BU advertising; basic Java; data structures drop-out.

ID 55346

Abby Bristol


Associate at @matrix-partners

ID 321695

Jose Dunia

MS in Digital Arts & Sciences at UF, Bachelor Computer Engineering at USB, Worked at Grooveshark and co-founder at Powerdot

ID 98299

Katie Pietrowski

Co-Founder of @highfive (@nike-accelerator powered by @techstars )

ID 114212

Will Fleiss

Director of Marketing @startup-institute, previously @knewton

ID 90188

Brian Suthoff


Co-founder, Chief Strategy Officer @localytics

ID 13476

Mike Massaro


CEO @ @peertransfer Sales, Marketing & BD Dealmaker with extensive network in Wireless/Mobile & Consumer Billing/Payments.

ID 321290

Clayton Sachs


Growth equity investor at @ta-associates . Former @jp-morgan analyst. Advisor/Investor with Bobo. @princeton-university History major. Founder of Lucy's Canvas.

ID 336533

David Bruggisser

Product & Design alum @startup-institute . Strong business background (@natixis, Centurion Air Cargo). Graduate from @northeastern-university

ID 328

Anita Brearton


Investor in @crimson-hexagon, @fashion-playtes, HarQen. Advisor to @smashion, @day2night-convertible-heels, @electrokite.

ID 315981

Sarah A. Downey

PR maven, lawyer, privacy advocate, video gamer, grammarista, runner, cosplayer. Privacy Analyst at @abine.

ID 53211

Peter Casinelli

CS student at Boston College; Entrepreneur who is passionate about software and product development

ID 438769

Erik Nilsson

Seeking opportunity to Increase shareholder value by leveraging my biz dev experience to increase revenues thru sales, marketing, & product dev activities.

ID 341046

William Pullen

Front End Engineer working with HTML/CSS/JS at Wordstream, worked as lead UI designer/developer @ Buzzient. Python engineering experience.

ID 137804

Christian Catalini


Assistant Professor of Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management @MITSloan

ID 294803

Ethan Netland

Northeastern CS and Finance.

ID 327842

Jonathan Maier

Experienced SQA. Knowledge in complete SDLC and QA Methodologies. Tested across multiple web, mobile, desktop, server, and SaaS products.

ID 156574

Justin Hamilton

Community Manager at @coachup • Studied at University of Richmond

ID 104633

Scott Seiffer

Marketing Manager @custommade. Savvy data-driven consumer marketer. Startup advocate. Northeastern Grad.

ID 258807

Larry McSheffery

Worked at @runkeeper • Studied at @boston-college

ID 281323

Christina Bognet

Founder @platejoy. Previously @MIT.

ID 4418

Eric Healy

Vice President, General Management at @sapient

ID 361697

Jacob Newman

UC Berkeley CS new graduate. Generalist, eager to keep learning. Experience with Agile philosophy and methodologies. Internship experience in a startup.

ID 454957

Catherine Durkin

Operations Manager and Customer Concierge for @custommade, previously worked as Marketing and Sales Coordinator for @boardprospects-1.

ID 18816

Frasher Ulaj

@babson grad; current @shelby-tv, prev @business-insider

ID 272653

James Noyes

Visual Designer; Currently work at CustomMade; Have worked on projects for Yahoo and all Boys Brands at Mattel

ID 146600

Grant Covington

Business Development @coachup. Studied at @Wesleyan-University

ID 146584

kevin mandeville

Web Designer at @yottaa

ID 403877

Stephanie Jossey

Marketer with a passion for achieving growth through paid, organic, and social channels and data-driven strategies

ID 336133

Danny Choo

Contract Visual Designer at the LevelUp

ID 404311

Seong Seog Lee

Senior at Boston College. Coding junkie. Worked at Quantopian, UBS, and Standard Chartered.

ID 222312

Lance Perry

Digital professional currently looking to gain experience as a Product Manager or Web Developer concentrating on UX, UI, product development, and storytelling.

ID 69099

Daniel Bostwick

Backend Developer with experience in Java, Ruby and Python. Worked at @intuit, @bloomberg and @buzzient. @northeastern-university Computer Science BS, 2012.

ID 349984

Samantha Tilney

Talent Magician @levelup

ID 41487

Jean-Luc David

Founder @alertly | Ed @york-university | Chief Evangelist @microsoft | CTO @digiflare @spently | API @yellow-pages-group | @facebook @y-combinator hack winner

ID 417956

Lauren Sabra

Experience in marketing and advertising for e-commerce brands including a Google backed mobile payment application and luxury retailer. I am at the start of my career and looking to work with a productive and inspiring company.

ID 885

Robert Day


Board member New England Clean Energy Council. Board Member Noesis Energy. Chairman Cleantech Open Northeast

ID 19490

Tom Monaghan

Email Product Manager at HubSpot

ID 406436

Oleg Uritsky


Successful entrepreneur & investor in transportation, healthcare, real estate and venture fund industries. Investing in seed & early-early stage startups.

ID 203261

Tyler Renelle

Founder @habitrpg • Studied at @california-state-university-sacramento

ID 29394

Milenko Beslic

Internet entrepreneur and technologist. CTO at Pingup. Previously CTO & Co-founder of and founding member of

ID 123734

Adam McBride

Founder and CEO of Equiso

ID 43494

stefan cheplick

Editor at @stocktwits

ID 43590

Robby Grossman


tech lead @shareaholic, formerly engineer @oneforty (sold to hubspot), founder @paperphobic

ID 28678

Will Johnson

CEO of @cloudy, backend developer. Previous projects covered on Mashable, Wired, Lifehacker, CNET.

ID 131147

Raffaele Colella

Co-Founder @cannonball-1 , VP @mocospace , MIT @mit-sloan-school-of-management MBA, M&A @fiat-auto, Business Analyst @roland-berger-strategy-consultants

ID 122719

Nathaniel Naddaff-Hafrey

Founder @cinelytics • Worked at @founder-collective, @google • Studied at @harvard-university, @mit-sloan-school-of-management

ID 451482

John Humphrey

Founder @GreyCork. Formerly @arsenal-venture-partners. Early experience in manufacturing. Operator turned investor turned operator.

ID 163686

Kate Willett

Founder and VP of Business Development @viralgains

ID 64287

Miguel Galvez

Co-founder & CEO of @nbd-nanotechnologies-1 @techstars-1 Boston Associate. Life science entrepreneur.

ID 39211

Steve Stoddard

Co-founder @coolchip-technologies. MBA @mit-sloan-school-of-management. MSc/BSc Mechanical Engineering MIT.

ID 251029

Çağrı Gökbayrak

ID 109777

Nick Grossman


Student of cities and the Internet.

ID 137805

Dan Levin

Founder, President & COO of @viralgains

ID 83705

Nick Tommarello

Founder at @wefunder and Startup Workaway

ID 174010

Nicole Staple

Founder @brideside. Tech investor @silicon-valley-bank. Strong business background (Monitor Group, @ubs-investment-bank). Kellogg MBA '12, Wellesley College '06

ID 110701

Elena Tropp

COO of @kydaemos, LLC Film and television writer at major studios like Disney and 20th Century Fox, now using those skills to take on the world of games.

ID 424126

Martin Forest

Founder @nusocket • Technologist • Leader of Innovation • Hands-on Developer • Designed world's first iPhone-connected hardware med device, "iBGStar".

ID 38687

Melissa Leffler

Engineering manager with a focus on enterprise. Advisor. Frmly: @awareness,@eroom-technology, @lotus-development-corporation and @liquid-machines

ID 99693

James Yaakov Zar

Founder Dispatch, @socialrent • Worked at @apptopia, @mr-youth • Studied at @boston-university

ID 247465

Alex Pavlov

Father, husband, full stack web & mobile developer. True believer in responsible coding and maintainable software. Java, Cocoa (Touch) and Ceylon (Tea) addict.

ID 48299

Marc Macleod

Co-founder of @limelight & @the-whoot. 1st startup in high school. Spent the last 20 months working as the VP of Tech at @abroad101.

ID 11037

Ben Bixby


CEO @myenergy

ID 308892

Michael Kasparian

Founder @atlas • Worked at @philips

ID 22952

Jean-Baptiste Theard

CPO at qunb data geek, viz expert former strategy consultant Master of Sc. Engineering from Ecole Centrale

ID 66883

Landon Howell

Head of Strategy & Content at @fancred

ID 193487

Chirag Nirmal

Co-Founder @bow-drape • Worked at @blinkx, @burst-media • Studied at @virginia-polytechnic-institute-state-university, @university-of-mumbai

ID 58094

Mike Lisavich


Entrepreneur. Bostonian. Mobile guy. Engineer with a finance degree and an eye for UI/UX.

ID 83215

Kevin Chugh

Founder, CEO, Main Street Computing

ID 97187

Jonathan Hirsch


Founder at @syapse, Neuroscientist

ID 421947

Matt Voska

CEO & Co-Founder @flytenow | Software Engineer @carbonite

ID 36541

Robert P Smith


Pioneer in Emerging Markets Finance

ID 113993

Alonso Holmes

Lifelong hacker and entrepreneur. Built Levr and Radius. Really getting into tea.

ID 167278

Matt Trail

Operations and customer success junkie. Formerly @bullhorn . Studied at @middlebury College and @tuck-school-of-business-at-dartmouth.

ID 41158

Abby Fichtner

Executive Director of hack/reduce, previously @microsoft's Evangelist for Startups. hacker & agile/lean coach. Hacker Chick Blog. Boston Lean Startup Circle.

ID 291123

Melki Ko

Director of Business Development @coeverywhere , Previously @morganstanley and Middlebury Graduate

ID 220464

Dave Munichiello


Kiva Systems Sr Leadership (Product, Market, Ops, Execution Guy), Harvard MBA (network), CS major, former military officer (paratrooper, Prod Mgmt to spec ops)

ID 202370

Kerryn Gerety

Business Development Founding Principal @Clique-Consulting. Scorpio.

ID 163251

Kevin Bradshaw

Founder of first mobile game publisher and first app store in US/Europe. 15+years envisioning, designing, building, testing and operating on all platforms.

ID 68174

Yeh Diab

Founder of PlowMe, the "Uber for snowplows."

ID 174268

IDEA: Northeastern University's Venture Accelerator


IDEA is a student-run venture accelerator that provides coaching, professional services and seed funding to startups with Northeastern co-founders.

ID 46257

Ian Mashiter


EIR at @boston-university School of Management Member of @hub-angels

ID 195637

D. M. Thérèse Byrne

Worked at @nbc-universal and @IMG_Worldwide, Entrepreneurship Professor @boston-college, Startup Advisor, Digital Strategy Consultant

ID 101758

Scott Yaphe


General Partner at ABS Ventures

ID 91003

Barry Zuckerman


Prof of Pediatrics and Public Health at @boston-university-1 School of Medicine, Chief of Pediatrics @boston-medical-center • Investor @care-at-hand

ID 3002

Punit Shah

Sold startup while in college, experience in co-founding eCommerce and Web2.0 startups and stints in Investment Banking and Venture Capital. I love building.

ID 181400

Niels Boegholm

VP Product @ubersense-inc Startup guy in mobile, social and gaming. Marathon runner, Biergarten lover, aspiring traditional chinese learner.

ID 85775

Aunim Hossain

CEO of Tista Games. Previously @zynga, @tpg-capital, @goldman-sachs. BS in Electrical Engineering from @university-of-pennsylvania; MBA from @harvard-business-school.

ID 247213

Sean Flavin

My passion is working with companies who have a great idea but need a CTO, Startup Advisor or Technology Advisor to put the right technology and team in place.

ID 107235

David Bell

Founder @gummicube, GP @Infinite Channel, founding team [bus dev+mkt] @playphone, CEO @chasma, BOD @draft-zone, Advisor @republic-project @venture51 @cellufun

ID 471415

Catherine Cheng

Student at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology. Currently working at @platejoy and @practically-green. Interested in sustainability, energy, healthy/fitness.

ID 213307

Jake Jarvis

Serial web and mobile entrepreneur for hire! Started kwad, RapRx, and TuftsApps. Worked at iD Tech Camps, Greylock, and Revision3. Studied at Tufts University.

ID 25105

Yoshi Maisami


Founder @ideaspace @unlikely-ventures @intridea • Investor @divshot, @myenergy • Studied at @bucknell-university, @university-of-virginia Worked @nasa

ID 16283

George P. Stathis

VP Engineering @traackr. Technical leader using Java, NoSql and Information Retrieval to make sense of unstructured data.

ID 32955

Todd Garland


Founder of Team member of

ID 197342

Isaac Girard

Product manager and frontend developer at Sharalike, Startup Institute Boston grad, mobile app junkie, and indie gaming enthusiast.

ID 84216

Ralph Bouquet

Community Manager at @canary-4. Taught science with TFA. Received M.Ed. from UPenn and B.A. from @harvard-university.

ID 79491

Alex Meyer

Senior devloper @privy. Founder @ordext. Studied @georgetown-university

ID 74594

Bruce Miller


Principal at CFO Consulting

ID 111423

Philip A. O'Connell III

Community Manager at @rentabilities

ID 76521

Nick Allain

BA in Interactive Media. Big Thinker. Expert Live Streaming Video, Video Production, Design, CSS, HTML, and User Interaction. Exp in Game Industry/Higher Ed.

ID 28804

James Glover

CEO of Coherent Path Inc. Previous roles: VP Sales at Desktone. Formerly Sr VP at Memento (acq'd by FIS), VP at Watchfire (acq'd by IBM)

ID 33462

Omar Tellez

Founder/CEO of @schedit ("@twitter for Events"-Mashable); Best‘06 SW IPO @ SNCR; Founder MAAWG(AntiSpam); Booz&Co; @university-of-california-berkeley University

ID 48037

Peter D Parker


Chemical Engineer, 18 years as GP at @ampersand-ventures, 25 Boards, 4 years as CEO, @cequent-pharmaceuticals, Currently 5 angel investments active.

ID 243779

Daniel Choi

Founder Plastiq • Studied at @harvard-university

ID 495059

Andrew "Drew" Koven


eCom and Omnichannel Retail Executive @guess, 1st consumer startup @18, Former Exec @SteveMadden, Melissa&Doug, FreshDirect, Geoff&Drew's; Invest/Mentor/Advise

ID 308186

Mike Mai

Worked at @bluetrain-mobile

ID 78862

Hao Chen

Full-stack "jack of all trades" web developer with passion, energy, and vision to build world-changing products with a nobler purpose.

ID 132046

Yumin Choi


HLM Venture Partners

ID 26101

Ben Williams

CEO & Co-founder at @firecracker. Previously founder of @firefly-health. Strong healthcare background. Biology degree from @harvard-university.

ID 322568

Matt Legrand

Design thinking and human factors. Founded the design consultancy Form & Construct. Wrote and produced the microdocumentary "Solutionism" Cannes Film Festival.

ID 148365

Vipin Shri

In search of full-time role while currently freelancing & volunteering. Marketing/Jack-of-all trades at @olapic , @dropgifts , and @parse-ly. BA Econ UConn

ID 158687

Paul Kist

Creative problem solving. Jack of many trades. Coding, photography, music composition, non-profit-guy, story-teller, eastern chant.

ID 24212

Derek L. Francisco

Found my way into startups while doing research for a D.C. think tank in grad school and never looked back. JD/MPA @syracuse-university University, 2010.

ID 148512

Matthew DiStefano

Currently a Customer Support Specialist at @the-grommet. Worked at @saverr-mobile @hubspot, @boston-startup-school • Studied at University of New Hampshire

ID 141766

Kurt Ramirez


VC at @cue-ball-capital

ID 309006

Colin Raney

Obsessed with the future. Designer & Location Director @ IDEO.

ID 77033

William Josephson

Co-Founder of Solano Labs. @princeton-university PhD in CS -- flash storage with FusionIO and Oracle. Early engineer at @data-domain.

ID 214047

Meaghan Early

Director of Accounts at Validic

ID 44000

Peter Lalonde

Canadian Entrepreneur. Founded @openera to manage the cloud and automate boring tasks. Ex Gridiron, @open-text, @interleaf... sales, marketing and bd.

ID 306993

Tanvir Hussain


SVP Product Mgmt & Strategy. Globally focused investor, leader, entrepreneur. Harvard/Princeton engineering, HBS MBA.

ID 114675

Hannah Chung

CCO at @sproutel | Co-founder & National Board Advisor at @design-for-america | @Northwestern Alum | "15 Women to watch in Tech 2012" by Inc

ID 47881

Matt Fates


ID 196428

Jessica Knopp-Gwynne


Senior marketing and business leader with more than 20 years of success in executive and consulting roles for consumer and internet-based companies, start-ups, and Fortune 500 organizations across Europe and the U.S.

ID 59660

David Cole

Customer Success at TBD, Formerly Sales & Customer Success at Yesware, Business Development at Crowdtap

ID 82700

Vinnie Ramesh

Co-Founder & CTO @ Wellframe. MIT EECS - Research and work in sensor networks, machine learning, comp. genomics, theoretical comp sci.

ID 142615

Erik Grueter

Student of Marketing @BOStartupSchool. A @techstars training program.

ID 372374

Mike K

Product Manager and Evangelist/Publisher for Games, strong business background - producer of major events and founder of events companies, Babson MBA 2012

ID 84112

Varun Chirravuri

Co-founder and CEO @canary-4 • PM at @google • S.B./M.Eng Course VI at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 195876

Massimiliano Versace

CEO, Neurala Inc. Director, Neuromorphics Lab, Boston University

ID 140202

Andrew Josuweit

Co-Founder at @student-loan-hero. 2nd software company. Economist/Entrepreneur converted in UX/UI designer.

ID 30833

Ian Levine


Advisor to @vizibility.

ID 23793

Chris Selland

ID 291925

Heather Ames Versace

Dir Strategic Relationships Neurala. Exec Dir CELEST Science of Learning Center. PhD Cognitive & Neural Systems BU 2009. BA Cognitive Science UC Berkeley 2003.

ID 163010

Nathan Eagle

Founder @jana • Worked at @harvard-university-1 • Studied at @stanford-university, @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 48300

Danielle Ain

Currently at Push Corp, Worked at @abroad101 for three years • Studied at @hamilton-college College • Experience in account management, hiring, operations.

ID 108441

Mark Gally

Vice President of Marketing for @tribehr

ID 75849

Michael Boezi

Independent Advisor and Content Strategist

ID 174557

Ali El Rhermoul

Developer @disruptor-beam, Partner @romulus-advisory, Worked at @lycos • Studied at @wentworth-institute-of-technology

ID 328371

Gregory Stellato

I like bikes, skis, surfboards & technology. I lead sales @crowdly, previously @locamoda & I drink enough caffeine to kill a horse.

ID 251559

Brian Reese


Leader, thinker, and learner with demonstrated startup, non-profit, and general management experience.

ID 208873

Jeff Kushmerek

Business Technologist. CPO @flashnotes. Original Product Manager for @endeca. Strong knowledge of Product and technology strategy. Ran @brightcove ProServ thru IPO

ID 333841

Drew Burch

An app psychologist

ID 162033

Dylan Griffin

Studied music and classics at @wesleyan-university University, but out of college got into Rails and currently honing my skills at Shareaholic.

ID 305171

Charles Johnson

Entrepreneurial Knowledge Sponge. Run operations at @zapprx.

ID 19755

Shaun Russell

Senior UI Developer at @caplinked; FEWD Instructor at @general-assembly; Biomedical Engineering @university-of-rhode-island 2006.

ID 77965

Brad Cater

Software Engineer at @panjiva; co-founder at @snaptalent; worked at @tellme (now @microsoft); @massachusetts-institute-of-technology '08

ID 62674

Carl Rosendorf

Consultant to entrepreneurs. Frmly EVP Barnes & Noble + B&, CEO SmartBargains and COO Gather

ID 138070

Rachel Leah Blumenthal

Community Manager. Previously Content Editor at @pixability. M.S. from @boston-university and B.S. from @university-of-rochester.

ID 274341

Blake Ruddock

iOS Engineer at CO Everywhere. Tufts dropout. Graduate of Hotchkiss. Lover of all things water. Family man, investor, chef, runner, sailor, swimmer.

ID 399270

Niclas Bahn


Running Noise Industries

ID 12765

Mason Pastore

Consultant looking to get back into startup world. Strong business background with ability to add value in various capacities.

ID 88910

Rod Rohda


Former Chairman and CEO @fidelity-invesments Life Insurance. Member @hub-angels. Investor in @care-at-hand

ID 249862

Ish Dugal


Investor / Advisor, knackk • Work as Venture Capitalist & Entrepreneur • Studied at @wharton-school

ID 291128

Amelia Green-Vamos

CMO at Jebbit. Former Lead copywriter and strategist for Under Armour Digital team. Award winning social media specialist. Avid Adventurer!

ID 291187

Michael Marcus

Director of Business Development at Jebbit, Inc. Graduate of Boston College 2013. Co-Founder of TeeZone. Previous Internships at Bank of America and Wells Fargo

ID 182467

Alexander Miller

Full-stack Rails/Javascript developer at @privy with a self-taught knack for design • Graduated @tufts-university CS/Bio, Magna Cum Laude

ID 303263

Jack Miszencin

Recent Tufts and Startup Institute graduate, self-taught web developer, beginning Rails developer, background in economics and Middle Eastern studies.

ID 111387

David Henderson

Social, Mobile, Media, Entrepreneur - co-founder of socialeyes and socialmedia, early executive at @doubleclick and @matchlogic.

ID 279162

Kathryn Crimmins

@evertrue Chief of Staff. Formerly w @deloitte-consulting-strategy-operations. Proud @boston-college alum.

ID 134076

Sophie Lubin

Marketing and communications @scoot-networks. Formerly @kiva, @energyhub and @thredup • Studied sustainable development @columbia-university University

ID 476442

Lucia Capano

Works at @conjur • Studied at @brandeis-university • Loves to run

ID 325760

Connor Murphy


Founder @datahug. Raised $5.5M from DFJ, Ron Conway and Strong investment, product and development background. Worked at PA Consulting & Sun.

ID 102822

Tom Junker

Visual Designer @clarity, Founder of, @graffiti-walls-com

ID 276406

Tess Suchoff

ID 435666

Andrew Varley

Life Learner: Sales, Engineering, Business, Finance, Co-founder.

ID 69641

Fabian Perez

Designer & Developer.

ID 386052

Kevin Sihlanick

Electrical Engineer with strong software and systems engineering background, also full stack web development. Worked at Analog Devices. Graduate of Olin College

ID 48298

Jenna Lashley

Worked at @abroad101 • Studied at @emerson-college College

ID 214795

Sabih Mir

User Experience & Product Design @ginger-io • Studied Human Factors @tufts-university

ID 88084

Alex Pedicini

Community Manager @ubersense-inc, a sports technology startup in Boston. Part-time scout for the Toronto Blue Jays

ID 321614

Zachary Landman, MD

CMO of DoctorBase. Harvard & UCSF trained physician. Blogger & Ultramarathon Runner

ID 36715

Thomas Little

Professor at @boston-university University. Co-founder of TVisions/Molecular.

ID 379430

Ryan Gonzalez

Maker at @fetchnotes, formerly @fuzzco. Design and Engineering are two sides of the same coin.

ID 4301

Graham Brooks


Venture capitalist with @406-ventures

ID 421583

Matthew Crist

Husband, father, spaniel herder. Wrote Experience designer @cantinac

ID 460467

Meaghan Finneral

Worked at @skillz • Studied at @saint-anselm-college

ID 203026

Jonathan Sheffi

Founder Clinical Future • Worked at @novartis, @amgen, and @broad-institute-of-mit-and-harvard • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @harvard-business-school

ID 111745

Eric Larson


CS background, 8+ years Enterprise & Commerce Search @ Google doing everything from Engineering, Support, Deployment, and Sales

ID 9190

Michael Fritz


entrepreneur and investor interested in developing platforms to solve problems

ID 39348

Fatma Yalcin

CEO and Co-founder of @curisma | Tech & Design Blogger | @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 500615

Michael Saville

WVU Grad. Worked at @spindle and @wayfair

ID 467745

Emily Ferguson

Designer at Privy. Have worked in both large agency and small start up environments. BFA in Graphic Design.

ID 274971

Irina Mladenova

Founder @rifiniti • Worked at @sustainability-roundtable • Studied at @harvard-university, @harvard-college

ID 218188

Andrea Valente

ID 177097

J. Fah Sathirapongsasuti

Co-Founder/CTO at SQ Technologies. Harvard PhD in Biostatistics; Stanford MS in CS; researcher at Broad Institute, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and UCLA.

ID 470866

Abe Yokell


Worked at @rockport-capital • Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 428373


Worked at @nextly

ID 3277

Hamilton Sekino


Investor in @privalia, @catalytic-software, @mobileaware, @groupalia.

ID 42673

Ken Rossi

Product Development and User Experience Lead at Creative Director, Advanced Media at @united-states-tennis-association USTA / USOpen.

ID 474031

Dave Gerhardt

Accounts Lead @privy. Previously @constant-contact. Experience in various roles in tech: Account Management, Product Marketing, Marketing Communications.

ID 171835

Nicki Haylon

Minister of Creative Content at @libboo • Studied at @roger-williams-university '12 and Boston Startup School '12.

ID 52231

Scott Bailey

Director of Partnerships at @masschallenge. $1M Startup competition & accelerator program. Strong background in finding and connecting resources to startups.

ID 426784

Caroline Katsiroubas

Worked at @freight-farms • Studied at @northeastern-university

ID 46635

Ofer Gneezy

Entrepreneur, CEO, Technology veteran, Investor, Director. Co-founder, CEO Rgog Games. Co-founder, ex Chairman & CEO of @ibasis (Nasdaq:IBAS) sold to Royal KPN.

ID 447884

Matt Buckley

Full Stack developer - Ruby on Rails, Ember.js

ID 245672

Michael Degnan

I'm a founder, entrepreneur, strategist, athlete, sports fan & community builder. I help drive innovation at the intersection of FS, customer experience & technology.

ID 205118

Eben Pingree

Co-Founder/CEO @bantr-1 . @sofi-1 Entrepreneur Program and @startup-leadership fellow. Studied @williams-college and @tuck-school-of-business-at-dartmouth.

ID 117543

Anna Callahan

Software developer and award-winning filmmaker. Formerly @3M, Techstars; built apps for Aflak, Runkeeper, MeYouHealth. Math degree from U Michigan

ID 261531

Harrison Hunter

MIT CSAIL research fellow and co-founder of Adtrib

ID 162816

Greg O'Keeffe


Partner, Boston Global Ventures, co-founded MyEnergy (acquired by Nest Labs, 2013)

ID 54733

Nick Fasano


Vice President of Sales at Localytics

ID 44422

Kayle Sawyer


Tech enthusiast. Neuroscience researcher at @boston-university-1.

ID 29663

Tim Jackson


Venture capitalist, investor, entrepreneur, writer, boatrocker

ID 295127

Timothy James Henry

Chicago Native. Young Professional. Tech Enthusiast. Lifelong Learner. First hire @LogisticalLabs Worked @mantra-1 @fooda @lightbank

ID 26812

Keith Britton

Founder of and

ID 291096

Eric Famiglietti

Software Engineer at @fancred, Former HackStar at @techstars

ID 248529

Marilyn Kramer


Healthcare IT executive, President/CEO of DxCG, predictive modeling company. Sold to Verisk. Presently overseeing MA All Payer Claims Database.

ID 331083

Mark Watkins

Head of Product for Telenav. Former ceo & co-founder, (acquired by Telenav). ex-VP of R&D for Endeca (acquired by Oracle). I thrive at the intersection of Product, Markets and Technology.

ID 70488

Stephen Estes

Strategy consultant to tech startups including @thinknear, @name-space and @agora-technologies. Former Deloitte consultant, IA Ventures intern and NYU-Stern MBA.

ID 58342

Don Epperson


Founder @enervee, @buildon • Worked at @simpli-fi • Investor @simpli-fi, @span-local

ID 398103

Chris Sullivan

Worked at @wymsee

ID 265053

Chris Mills

Founder @helmethub • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 176597

Ann-Marie Bland


Founder @ThinkGoodInc, social enterprise, Consumer Marketer• Worked @viaweb and sold to Yahoo!, @papertrell sold to Vivendi, @HasbroInteractive sold to Inforgrames @connected Living, social mission

ID 120295

Yang Yu

Chief Product Officer @opencare, was application framework architect @ibm. Serial entrepreneur started at age 12.

ID 52260

Ali Powell

Principal sales rep @hubspot - I work with VC backed software and technology companies who are looking to understand how to use inbound marketing for growth.

ID 221665

Susie Kim Riley

Founder @aquto

ID 264891

Adam Siegel

Co-founder and CEO of Fluid. Tech and business ninja. Built FDA-approved medical devices from scratch. Worked at Google X. Harvard Ph.D. Fearless hustler.

ID 145993

Ravi Reddy

Founder @wikets • Worked at @bladelogic, @bmc-software • Studied at @sri-venkateswara-university, @iit-madras

ID 132296

John Watson

Co-founder and CTO of @mapkin. Passionate developer with experience in mobile, web, and high-performance computing.

ID 33963

Fabrizio Filippini

Co-Founder and CEO of Amico, working with startups to bring disruptive products to life. Product Management and Financial Planning lover, loving everything tech

ID 11887

Jason P. Hafler


Investor in @zafgen, @miragen-therapeutics. Team member of @atlas-venture.

ID 94946

David Burmon

Chief Executive Officer at The Walden Asset Group, LLC

ID 67605

Ariel Assaf

Founder at Lucidel

ID 38727

Jeff Lee

Co-Founder of @7lunches. Foodie, Hot Rodder, Designer, & Coder. Hustler & Bootstrapper. Went to school for marketing. Quit for corporate web job in 2002.

ID 51278

Peter Hubshman

Start-up, private equity, and capital markets experience combined. I work at the early and first round stages to conceptualize strategies and financial plans.

ID 275708

Michael Gresty

CEO & co-founder. Optimo, SaaS for workplace optimization, reduces TCO by 50%. >25 years advising F500 executives (Lenovo, Oracle, Nationwide, Chubb, TimeWarner, Capital One). 5+ years systems analyst, technical software. Degrees in architecture, Universi

ID 43003

Pablo Fernandez

Built IaaS for @merrill-lynch before IaaS existed. Founder of frisky, software repository data mining platform. Long distance runner. CS at @virginia-tech.

ID 280064

Nina Stepanov

Student at Northeastern University, studying Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Interning at Embedly and IDEA: Northeastern University's Venture Accelerator.

ID 47125

Vova Feldman

Founder at @RatingWidget

ID 228602

Clay Cole

GC growth equity specializing in business services. Work closely with CLEAResult - industry leading energy optimization solutions firm

ID 29274

Sean Power


Co-founder BioPharmInsight (Sold to Financial Times)

ID 27420

Jeff Greenfield


Founder C3 Metrics. 15 yrs marketing & tech for blue-chip clients. Branded content pioneer. Pilot. Magic Castle.

ID 23814

Robert Sanchez

Tech and music enthusiast, Graduate of Founder Institute, Graduate of Betaspring. Built, 1st place @angelhack

ID 316468

Mike Falb


seed stage VC at @great-oaks-venture-capital

ID 217479

Shiv Gaglani

Founder Osmosis • Studied at @harvard University • MD-MBA Candidate at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine / Harvard Business School

ID 7968

Liam Donohue


Investor in @energyhub, @woodpellets-com. Team member of @406-ventures.

ID 196591

Joseph Terry

Founder @kt5-media • Worked at @amazon, @fashion-project • 6 startups • Studied at @boston-university, @colby-college • eCommerce, operations, UI design, passion for non-profit.

ID 234749

Adam Dole

Presidential Innovation Fellow at The White House. EIR at Mayo Clinic. Mentor at Rock Health. Worked at NASA, Jump Associates and Method.

ID 69416

Jonathan Bittner

Splitwise CEO. Dropped out of @harvard-university Astrophysics PhD. Forbes 30 Under 30 2011. Owes his wife a lot of money.

ID 280065

Andy Pellett

Engineer at @embedly. Working on image analysis, scalability, and more. MS Computer Engineering, University of Maine.

ID 62388

Colin Plamondon

Co-founder and Product Lead at @happier. Previously co-founded and successfully exited @spreadsong, a mobile book app company.

ID 38470

Chuck Digate

Founder Beyond Inc. (sold to Banyan.) CEO, MathSoft (successful public company turnaround.) SVP, Lotus (built International, ran software product groups.)

ID 346753

Heather Groat


work at @commonangels, former @mit100k organizer, recovering buy-side telecom analyst and CFA charterholder

ID 24088

Kate Spivak

Founder/CEO of @blendabout. Wine nerd; Food geek; Start-up addict.

ID 48084

Matthew Harris

Founder @patheer • Studied at @boston-university • Big Data Expert

ID 10238

Dave Kusek


Ed-Tech entrepreneur. Senior Partner, Digital Cowboys Consulting. Former CEO world's largest online music school, co-author Future of Music.

ID 82911

Jonah Lopin

Co-Founder & CEO of YouSpot. Ex VP @hubspot. Student of business, software, startups, inbound marketing and customer happiness.

ID 19497

Nanda Krish


Investor in @cquotient; Bloomboard

ID 142240

Waldron Faulkner

Experienced in data acquisition, analytics, consumer web, and building/managing kick-ass teams of developers.

ID 18715

Floris Jan Cuypers


Strategy, Operations, Growth

ID 67312

Yechiel Engelhard


Founder, CEO @GeckoCap • @MIT & @BGU • past roles @health-care Information Technology: @athenahealth @healarium @Curamed • Led @clinical-trials & 7 years @medical Doctor & @cmo @idf

ID 43798

Candice Cabe

Founder and CEO of @day2night-convertible-heels. Also, received an MBA from @babson-college College with a concentration in entrepreneurship.

ID 53877

Aaron O'Hearn

Special Projects at @ @techstars Boston. Co-Founder of @boston-startup-school. Helped LivingSocial @launch Daily Deals. Lived in Paris, helped build Le Camping.

ID 280070

John Emhoff

Data Engineer at Embedly. Past lives in the computer security and biotech industry; currently working on problems involving analytics, NLP, and machine learning.

ID 47955

Adam Stober

Product Marketing @bullhorn. Formerly @mystery-gift-machine, @fiksu, @gradebeam & @john-hancock • Chicago Booth MBA, @tufts-university undergrad

ID 47052

Nicholas A. Walton

Co-Founder of Paporize Solutions • Studied at @harvard-university, @babson-college

ID 88903

Israel Kloss

Startup Growth Hacker. Using Sales Intelligence/E-commerce Optimization and Power-Analytics (See Founder,

ID 5570

Jarrett Collins


Investor @everyday-health

ID 31412

Angelique Mercurio


CEO & Founder @energy-solutions-forum-esf • Launched US Environmental Markets @barclays-capital, reformed banker @citigroup, @lazard • MIT Sloan MBA 2008

ID 75912

Victor Wang


Founder & CEO @gerijoy • MS from @massachusetts-institute-of-technology (Robotics, human-machine interaction) • Served as army officer

ID 288760

Rodolfo Gonzalez


@foundation-capital @mit-sloan-school MBA, @mckinsey-company. Stints in LatAm, Africa, Asia. Love helping startups expand access to financial services

ID 119144

Brian Jacobson

Co-Founder at @mobile-captain, Inc. Senior Analyst at @td-bank. Deep knowledge of SMB space. @bentley-university University finance grad.

ID 239439

Jamie Hall


Founder @mocospace, @jsmart-technologies-inc • Investor @rap-genius, @action-exchange, @adapteva • Studied at @tufts-university, @tel-aviv-university

ID 169672

Whitney Johnson

Co-founder @claychristensen's fund; @harvardbiz-er, @Inc's 12 to Follow on @twitter in '12; advisor to @justfamily @everest @the_thryll; author @daredreamdo.

ID 97005

Jeff Steeves

Sr. Director, Marketing at Wayfair

ID 280078

Kawandeep Virdee

Engineer at Embedly, focusing on product and growth. Former complex social systems researcher at NECSI. Physics and Applied Math grad.

ID 381168

Ricardo Marvao

Co-founder & CEO Evolve Space Solutions (sold to Novabase). Co-founder Beta-i (non-profit supporting Entrepreneurship). Lisbon Challenge Project Manager

ID 30188

Brian Wilhite

Founder@TrueAnthem. Founder@SF Boutique Investment Bank(Acquired by Stern Agee). Partner@Van Kasper&Co(Acquired by WellsFargo).Board of Dir@WellsFargoSecurities

ID 280066

Bob Corsaro

Early employee of Embedly. Formerly worked Optaros open source consulting and Exit41 quickserve POS.

ID 21434

Nicolas Girard

Founder @aquto, @attila-technologies

ID 96549

Aaron Kletzing

COO and Co-Founder. Army Iraq veteran. Survivor of Iraq-related cancer. West Point and @harvard-business-school School.

ID 124994

James Ho

Worked at @rothenberg-ventures • Studied at @harvard-university

ID 22686

Matthew Pearlson

@massachusetts-institute-of-technology techno-economic masters in biofuels systems. Chemical engineer and software development background. Four startups. Focused on bringing clean tech to market.

ID 38478

Drew Beja

Investor at @granahan-investment-management. 26 years investing in public companies. Manage the Granahan Focused Growth strategy. Occasional angel investor.

ID 47723

AJ Archibald

Principal at Startup Culture. Been involved intimately with Social and Mobile Games for the last 5 years. Strong Biz Dev relationships built over the last 15yrs

ID 29254

Dan Keshian


Pixel Computer Racal Electronics Gateway Design Automation Avid Technology WebLine Communications Cisco Greylock iPhrase Fairhaven Capital

ID 161102

Chris Lee

while( = 1) { = [husband, dad, chef, tech geek, food truck fanatic] }

ID 104155

Jason Block

Master's HCI student at Carnegie Mellon, with B.S. in Mechanical Engineering/Robotics. Worked as a generalist product designer/developer at Picplum.

ID 144313

Kevin Bedell

CTO of @fundraise-com. Boston-based startup veteran. I build and grow apps and teams. Engineer/MBA.

ID 147376

Josh Walker

Founder @cityvoter-2-2, @cityvoter-2 • Worked at @general-catalyst-partners, @forrester-research • Studied at @middlebury-college

ID 94286

Tuan Pham


Director @techstars Boston, Previously @silicon-valley-bank

ID 49218

Mike Pierce


CEO at @expert-medical-navigation. VP at TeleAtlas. 4X Founder. Harvard MBA. Navy SEAL. ENTP. Deep on Healthcare, SaaS, Huge Data & LBS.

ID 24808

Shiyan Koh


ID 11978

Musaddeq Khan (MK)

Founder @verdeeco, @prominus CEO co-founder @pliant-labs Strategy and Marketing consultant @clevest-solutions @best-buy

ID 206671

J Koehler


Customer Development, Angel, @masschallenge alumni, 12 patents and utility patents; Strong product design background (Allianz, Hilton)

ID 4318

Chip Selley

Founder CEO of DisruptiveApps, makers of iJukebox. 20 years in B2B sales, BS Degree from Rochester Institute of Technology;

ID 39899

Bill Yucatonis


Marketing and Strategy CEO --> Early Stage and High Growth Expert for E-Commerce, New Media and Gaming Companies

ID 273452

Sean Naegeli

Founder Splashscore • Global Cost Reduction @procter-gamble-2 & Lean Deployment @beth-israel-medical-center • BS Industrial Engineering @northeastern-university '11

ID 155921

Sean Walter

Founder & CEO @swaggercap, Sports Agent @QFm. Previously: founding team(#2) @actifio, early @verdasys, @reprise-media, @ask-com; Studied @bentley-university

ID 38227

John Edwards


Start-up Employee; Professional Geek

ID 226268

Sarah Wohl

Co-Founder @happier • UX/UI Design Lead

ID 156706

Mark Miller

Managing Partner @ Good Harbor Partners • @myedgps Advisor • Studied at @cornell-university • Serial Entrepreneur with successful exits • Expertise in EdTech and Publishing

ID 311764

Eric Leist

Start-up Marketer; Content Creator; Big Thinker

ID 90250

Trevor Sayre

Usability Evangelist and Entrepreneur

ID 13823

Todd Rankin

VP Marketing and BD at Dropship Commerce. 15+ years eCommerce / Internet experience. Strategic Development Expert | eCommerce & SaaS.

ID 4082

Jim Hanley

CEO of netBlazr. Wireless guru (Lightower, Nextel, @microsoft, Cingular). Excel at translating strategy into operating results. @brown-university Engr, Michigan MBA

ID 136535

John Karakelle

Founder @querii • Worked at @ubs, @silicon-valley-bank

ID 416950

Nate Janewit

VP Product @noonswoon, Senior Product Manager @playdom, @the-walt-disney-company, @microsoft

ID 136998

Gizem Orbey

Music entrepreneur, Business Development at @rapleaf, @massachusetts-institute-of-technology and @columbia-university Alum, Rower

ID 24075

Vijay Nathan

Founder & CEO at NoshOnIt, formerly MyReci. 2 years in food tech, 6 years in food & beverage. Former chef, Cornell MBA, and the ultimate foodie.

ID 184386

Ben Hron

Attorney helping entrepreneurs launch and grow businesses. Studied at @harvard Law. Previously co-founded VC Ready Law Group.

ID 478174

John Marsland

SVP Growth at Nanigans. Former Head of User Acquisition at Zynga.

ID 128837

Blake Garrett

Founder Aceable • Worked at @ernst-young • Studied at @boston-college

ID 58759

Matthew Hooper

CEO/Co-founder @smak. 5x startup w/ exits, SIM Board member, CIO/CMO, BI, ITSM & BSM expert. Visionary problem solver for biz dev.

ID 67138

Cass Sapir

Founder of @thumbs-up. Producer for @nova (PBS). Emmy nominee. Founder and Director, @tour-for-the-cure. President, Senior Class at @brown-university.

ID 52635

Adam McGowan

Founder and CEO at

ID 472408

Dan Schrage

Co-Founder & COO RoyaltyVault. Founder Audiomine. BD Contracts Manager at UTC, RTN, GD. Strong business, legal/contractual and startup background.

ID 73890

Pascal Rettig

@massachusetts-institute-of-technology B.S and M.Eng '02. Lifelong Web Dev. Building websites since the late 80s when they were called BBSs. Hacking on the Internet since '94. Author with Wiley

ID 278923

Aaron Raphel

Academic faculty member at Apple University; seed investor in Airbnb; fan of good design MS and MBA from MIT Leaders for Global Operations

ID 477019

Matt Sly

ID 236600

Drew Lanenga

Data Scientist at @highfive, @nike-accelerator Accelerator Alum, @qualtrics Alum

ID 32647

J Alain Ferry

Energetic web entrepreneur with exceptional domain expertise as a cyclist, runner and endurance event organizer. JD, @suffolk-university Law & BA Economics, @pennsylvania-state-university

ID 296475

Patrick Rafter

ID 44484

Leonard Grover

Founder/CEO of ShopDAQ and FinToolbox/ Former VC Analyst (Chrysalis, Longworth) SeekingAlpha Contributor

ID 196238

Jason Hanna

CEO & Founder of Embue, redefining residential & commercial HVAC. Founder of Greentown Labs, now the largest cleantech incubator in the United States.

ID 44545

Adam Goldberg

@myedgps Founder/CEO: Media-featured special ed expert w/ B2B, B2C sales/mktg success (@emc, Lucent, Prodigy) & vision of democratized ed advising. @wharton-school alum.

ID 128071

Tom Furber

CEO/Founder @of-course-meals. Co-Founder @farmers-to-you. CEO/Founder @homeruns. Sr. Exec. Hannaford Grocery. Food and delivery passion. @middlebury-college AB, Tuck MBA.

ID 498098

Thomas Waite


I am an angel investor in, advisor to, and board director of technology companies. I am also a best-selling author of thrillers.

ID 120720

Donna White

Exceptional recruiter, strong biz acumen. Fearless, smart, strategic. Passionate about building extraordinary startup teams/culture. Will commute NYC, SF, SV

ID 82915

Luke Watson Morong

ID 52063

Craig Carapelho

Founder and CEO of @3d-travel, a travel-tech startup that raised $3.5MM. Founder and CEO of @team-vision, a successful interactive agency for over 15 years.

ID 321074

Jorey Ramer

Founder @jumptap • Worked at @trilogy, @tibco-software

ID 54169

Walter Somol

Director, Tech Community Outreach at @microsoft New England Research & Development Center

ID 53453

Jonathan Morse

Founder @tripleseat-software • Worked at @starwood-hotels-and-resorts, @daylight-software

ID 64003

Charles Stromeyer Jr.

Helped pioneer 7 industries; Advisor to top companies such as Sanergy which won the first Katerva Award which is the highest prize for sustainability

ID 81803

Jill Kravetz

Co-Founder, gloss48. Former President of MiniLuxe, Partner at Cue Ball Group, strategy consulting for 8 years (Parthenon (Partner), Monitor), Wharton MBA.

ID 123938

Anuv Ratan


Neuroscience/CS at @harvard-university. VC at @dorm-room-fund and @romulus-capital.

ID 82065

Laura Bronner


Founder @gloss48 • Beauty industry maven, "Starbucking" nail and waxing concepts. Retail chops c/o @gap Formerly @ernst-young. Education @duke-university, @kellogg-school-of-management

ID 111775

Jono Schafler


Strategy @ReinventCommerce. Founder & plum enthusiast @giftplum, @talentmaven; private equity & i-banking, @harvard-business-school 13

ID 297245

Jay Mixter

Founder @twyxter Founder/COO - Twyxter. Senior exec at startups: Emo Labs, iconomy, InfoPlus, Spinnaker Software. Also PacBell, P&G, PepsiCo. Tufts BA, Tuck MBA

ID 376831

Brian Sheng

Studied at @princeton-university, Investor @dreamtechvc

ID 454921

Josh Brody

Founder @reserved, @whoa-io • Worked at @pinterest, @jobspring-partners • Studied at @california-institute-of-technology

ID 105647

Cris De Luca

Life Sciences IT professional at Novartis & Co-Founder at Ultra Light Startups.

ID 436331

Sebastian Fung

Founder @dapperjobs, @belay • Worked at @pwc-1 • Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 164526

Andrew Vassallo

Finance geek and sports freak • Helped fund tech and life science companies @cowen-and-company • Studied finance and entrepreneurship @university-of-richmond-1

ID 143876

Gautam Gulati


Chief Medical Officer & Head of Product Innovation at Physicians Interactive Holdings; Creator of OMNIO; Advisor: Medikly; Supporter of "Health Artists"

ID 251821

Alex Tacho

Frontend Engineer @codeship. Former CTO @starteurope. Computer science @vienna Technical University @techstars Boston.

ID 407871

Fedor Garin

Founder TipTal • Worked at @fab-com, @space-systems-loral • Studied at @harvard-university

ID 8156

Todd Colletti

Headed planning Sony PS1, 2; led dev, 3 major patents CBS Int.; Broadcast live, CMS dev for Bejing as VP Ops for MediaZone; Led HTML5 dev as VP, @moblyng.

ID 21756

Daphne Zohar


Founder and managing partner of PureTech Ventures

ID 56894

Anand Chopra-McGowan

Business Development, Sales, and Marketing

ID 414310

Ryan Wong

Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 176993

Andrew Levy

Program Director at Founders League, Staff at Betaspring. Founder at Redbud Strategies. Fmr Austin Technology Incubator, equities trader.

ID 407455

Nico Weiler

Founder TipTal • Worked at @fab-com, @casacanda @ibm • Graduated from @harvard-university

ID 77912

Roy Morejon


Digital Marketing Agency President at @command-partners. Expert in marketing startups and crowd funding through integrated search strategies.

ID 128754

Carrie Wiley

Senior level UX designer with an MFA. Worked at Levis, Idealab, Microsoft, and many smaller startups. Passionate about bringing awesome products to market!

ID 171717

Giles Holt

Founder Consignd • Studied at @rhode-island-school-of-design-1, @brown-university, @harvard-university

ID 39073

Jon Hurwitz

Ex-Big Law litigation prtnr. A multitool personified: counsel, marketer, writer, designer, firefighter (literal+figurative). BS Comp Sci @haverford-college, JD Villanova

ID 287385

Paul Botto


Urchin> Google. Brickfish> SocialMecca. Cloud9> Boingo. Visible Measures

ID 125238

Louis Hatzis

Founder & CEO @onedisk

ID 76641

Joe Cronin


An entrepreneur in internet and new media specializing in building great companies. Experience in marketing, customer acquisition and monetization.

ID 93933

Mark Donohue



ID 97115

Navroop Mitter

CEO of Gryphn, Former @accenture Security Exec, Board Member LadiesAmerica, Motorcycle Riding Nihari Cooking Travel Enthusiast

ID 55349

Ryan Kabir

Co-founder of Probueno. Engineer. Worked at a hedge fund, @microsoft, and @causes. @massachusetts-institute-of-technology (CS '05).

ID 34412

William Crawford


Health IT, Startups and Enterprise Open Source Person

ID 68718

Sebastian Perez Saaibi

Founder @aentropico •Network Fellow @harvard-university-1 •Scientific Director & Board member @latinno •Studied at @eth-zurich, @university-of-the-andes

ID 98308

chris baldwin


ID 7993

Bill Starr

Co-Founder/President & CFO, @goalscorp-media, Founding Partner (Merged with GoalsCorp 2011), Former Investment Banker, CPA, CA, Avid Sailor.

ID 162905

Ken Smith

Career entrepreneur, growth hacker & start-up exec., currently working w/ MIT Enterprise Forum & Springboard Enterprises consulting/coaching to start-ups

ID 17463

William Widugiris III


ID 36425

Dan Benoni

Funky-haired Product Director at @officevibe. Engineering graduate. Design and Gamification addict. Passionate by company culture. Loves office pushups.

ID 221417

Scott Lyon

Mobile commerce entrepreneur and strategic adviser to early-stage ventures. All digital (, Captivate Network) Harvard Business School MBA.

ID 79510

Justin Welter


ID 181744

Rich Jones

Founder and CEO of @openwatch and @gun-io • Studied @boston-university • Researcher @harvard Law • Developer @prx • @Miserlou on GitHub • Troublemaker

ID 392871

Maxwell Lang


ID 283151

Jennifer Sachs

A do it all'er - Content, Marketing, and Product at Bison.

ID 349152

Jennifer Keiser Neundorfer


Founder @flashstarts, Worked @FoxNetworks, @youtube, @google Studied @stanford MBA, @harvard BA

ID 112053

Joe Miller

Founder @hourlynerd • Biz Dev at @equinox, IB at @morgan-stanley,• Studied at @harvard-business-school, Colorado College

ID 135997

Andrew Saunders

Integrated Marketing & Content Solutions Executive at CAA (@creative-artists-agency). Featured in Wired, Fast Company and Banff Media Festival.

ID 106713

Kirill Bigai

Passionate entrepreneur. Founder @preply • Studied at @national-technical-university-of-ukraine; Worked at Nokia Siemens Networks and MTS.

ID 221199

Joyce Bettencourt

Founder: @eddefy, @avacon-inc, @the-vesuvius-group, @deskhappy. Alumni @singularity-university U. @startupweekend Boston. Lateral thinker / Creative futurist

ID 34897

Jeffrey Peden

Founder & CEO of CraveLabs; former co-founder and CTO of @newbury-networks (acquired 2008 by Trapeze Networks); Advisor to Dexrex; lifelong hacker & entrepreneur

ID 137239

John Connolly

Managing Director and Operating Partner at @bain-capital-ventures in Boston, Massachusetts.

ID 2420

Rudina Seseri


Team member of @fairhaven-capital.

ID 50281

Lora Kratchounova

Principal at Scratch Marketing + Media, Vice Chairman of the @massachusetts-institute-of-technology Forum of Cambridge Board, marketing strategist

ID 68304

Jacqueline Thong

Founder Ubiqi Health • Worked at @crf-health • Studied at @insead-1, @university-of-british-columbia

ID 50049

Ash Martin

Founder/CEO at @viztu-technologies - 3D FTW. MIT @mit-sloan-school-of-management MBA 2010. Former film/TV (Sony, Disney), turned F500 mgmt consultant, turned SW entrepreneur.

ID 12195

Dimitry Herman

Startup tech lawyer, board member, advisor and general technology enthusiast.

ID 30936

Matt Johnson

Founder of @omnistrat • 3X start-up CXO, 2 raises, 6 prod launches, 1 exit • 12yrs enterprise sales • Mentor: Founder Inst, BPMA • Dogpatch alum • Babson MBA

ID 263931

Sanjeev Jain


Founder & CEO of an Internet media company. Investor & advisor in multiple starups. An MBA from MIT Sloan.

ID 178180

Jessica Cole

@yale-university grad & winner of Yale Venture Challenge • Cofounder/CEO of rev-gen mobile/web startup @roammeo • Led Urban Fellows, nonprofit fundraisers, & field trips.

ID 70698

Mark Klusza


Founder @dotproduct Founder @bitwyse-solutions-inc Founder @visi-image

ID 16577

Robert G. Andosca, Ph.D.

Founder, President and CEO; 25+ years business and engineering experience in semiconductor and MEMS industries; start-ups to large companies.

ID 77140

Sheela Sethuraman

CEO of CueThink. Educational product design, research, & training. Worked at @center-for-applied-special-technology-cast, @pearson-education • Studied at @michigan-state-university

ID 211467

Clemens Helm

Backend Lead Engineer @codeship. Computer science @vienna University of Technology. @techstars Boston.

ID 50750

Chad Pytel

CEO and Founder of thoughtbot

ID 55375

John Clark

Founder & President of Indivly. MassChallenge Finalist. Babson Graduate.

ID 307948

Tom Ward

Founder/CEO at Twyxter. Executive team member at startups Stellaris Solar, VideoGuide (acquired by Gemstar/TV Guide), Atlantic Cellular. Tuck School MBA

ID 74084

Gary Glass


@xensource @homestead-technologies @objectrocket Founder @crewtrader @glass-group-advisers Member @house-of-genius. Angel Investor. VC Scout. Startup Adviser.

ID 41587

Peter Parker


Co-Founder Ampersand Ventures, 1988. General Partner for 18 yrs. Ran portfolio Co for last 5 yrs. Sold in 2010. 5 angel investments since. Life Sciences.

ID 47177

Bruno D.V. Marino


CEO, Founder, @planetary-emissions-management, @johns-hopkins-university, Harvard (GISS Fellowship), Scientific Entrepreneur, Director Biosphere 2, @columbia-university University (1994-1996)

ID 31057

Jarrett Goetz

Innovator, Technologist, Entrepreneur, Connector, Operations Guy, Start-up Enthusiast. 15 years building technology and operations organizations for startups. Never a dull moment.

ID 41716

Dwayne Rahman

Co-Founder of Trendchirp Inc.

ID 233650

Andy Bromberg

Math and CS student at Stanford. Founded marketing firm in high school. Fascinated by data science, the startup ecosystem, and learning.

ID 135529

Yael Hochberg

Entrepreneurship and Finance professor at MIT Sloan School of Management; executive education professor at Kellogg School of Management. VC, entrepreneurship and innovation guru. Startup advisor. Former entrepreneur.

ID 43554

Caroline Murphy

Director of Operations at @brass-monkey

ID 237193

Gina Luciano

CEO & Co-founder @delightfully

ID 430532

Adam Rice

Passionate, energetic, start-up enthusiast with an insomina-infused drone obsession.

ID 305974

Alex Kubicek

CEO of @subsidence, next generation weather technology. M.S. in Atmospheric Science and B.S. in Physics and Electrical Engineering.

ID 128626

Ben Wagar

Business Development and Strategic Partnerships @babelverse ; Blog -

ID 451859

Ethan Barr

Designer, developer, utilitarian.

ID 5559

Bill Bing

12+ years start-up and venture capital experience. Former founder & CEO of @loyalese, founding VP at @square 1 Ventures, and early employee @upromise .

ID 493080

Molly Gamache

Director of Operations at @sierra-maya-ventures, @MillenniumJobs • Studied at @boston-university

ID 419649

Pol Gerbeau

Founder @dondeesta • Worked at @tele2 • Studied at @universitat-politecnica-de-barcelona-fib

ID 107090

Brian Costello


Digital Business & Strategy Executive

ID 95275

Dan Pullman


ID 58012

Sanjay Hundiwala


Investor in @greenbean-recycle.

ID 24985

André LeBlanc


Founder and CTO of Sky Motion Research. Founding Member Discreet Logic (IPO, subsequently acquired by Autodesk). Director of Technology at Ubisoft.

ID 118381

Nathan Rothstein

President at @project-repat

ID 262777

Will Trienens

CEO of CitySprout. Co-Founded Fuzz Productions.

ID 437291

Michael Bernstein

Founder @dapperjobs • Worked at @general-electric • Studied at @tufts-university

ID 260184

Eliza Wentworth

• Digital / Interactive PM • Managed multimedia projects for: Genentech, Novartis, Singularity University, Neurofocus •

ID 40122

Scott Michael Harris

CEO @shuttercal. Former Sr. Interactive Designer @AMNH, Moey Inc, Nickelodeon, Media Records, sci & children's museums nation wide. Directed $1M+ exhibit builds

ID 66848

Brad Friedman

Co-Founder at @tymefly. Software engineer at @microsoft for five years. @princeton-university '05 (Computer Science).

ID 3481

Vamsi Mohun

Director of Strategic Alliances - Transcend Computing, Momentum Software; Founder - @entreave; MBA - Texas McCombs; Author - Wiley's Mastering Enterprise SOA

ID 21060

Paul Perry


Firefly Network->@microsoft, @verizon. Computer Science @Dartmouth.

ID 11948

John Treadway

Serial entrepreneur/startup junky. Cloud computing strategist and pundit. Team builder, market and product strategist, evangelist.

ID 148057

Andrew Richards

CEO/Founder of @techlok, resident @abihub @masschallenge and @StartTank ‎school @kenan-flagler @utklaw, I use technology to make the world a better, safer place.

ID 443974

Jody Saarmaa

Software Product Management and Marketing Executive.

ID 79140

Robert Wilkins

Executive and entrepreneur who has helmed (6) successful start-ups, 2 of which have gone public, + 11 years running a publicly-traded Fortune 1000 company.

ID 89447

David Steinberg


Partner at PureTech Ventures. Co-founder of 5 startups; focused on commercializing academic breakthroughs. Tweet about biotech, venture capital, pharma, science

ID 141120

Wayne E. Chen

Mobile & Digital Product Guru @PocketSQRMedia. Venture Capital Backed Experience from IDG, Accel, 500 Startups and more.

ID 67590

Jay Neely

Boston startup founder, marketing architect. Creator of Boston Startups Guide. Organizer of BarCamp Boston. Interested in people, marketing, community.

ID 176076

Dan Scherlis

Strategy, partnerships, product marketing. Was CEO of Turbine, and Exec. Producer. Advises consumer-online and health-game ventures. Harvard BA, MA, MBA.

ID 316903

Eswar Mani


Investor&Fundraiser @masdar, Banker @credit-suisse-first-boston-csfb & Techie @merrill-lynch; MIT Sloan MBA '08, Undergrad LSE '01; born, raised & from Tokyo

ID 437287

Steve McGarry

Founder @dapperjobs • Worked at @werner-enterprises • Studied at @east-carolina-university

ID 222871

Dean Whitney

Founder @bridgeline-software, @aericon-inc • Worked at @digital-equipment-corporation, @digitas • Studied at @boston-college

ID 55358

Justin Sherratt

Social Entrepreneur. Passionate about the employment space. Founder of SortBox.

ID 11096

Sean Kumar

Technologist. Software Architect. Co-Founder @madpads. Co-Founder @covertonight. Co-Founder Auctus Partners. @harvard-university Computer Science and Economics.

ID 82641

John Sy


Serial Entrepreneur with varied business interests in Southeast Asia & North America. Start-up experience as founder and/or seed investor.

ID 184959

Kathryn Hawkins

Principal and chief content strategist at Eucalypt Media. Work with tech startups, Fortune 500 companies, and more (Goldman Sachs, Razoo, Intuit, Porsche).

ID 75203

Marc Stein


CTO and Co-founder at LeaseQ, Previously Global CTO for JustGiving (UK) FirstGiving (US), founder College Loan Market, CTO Y2M Networks

ID 134201

Jake Sorofman

Software CMO and Writer; Founding Partner at Marketlever

ID 257017

Leo L Tsai, MD PhD MSc

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Agile Devices; MRI Fellow, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center; Clinical Fellow in Radiology, Harvard Medical School

ID 72705

Shonak Patel

White House Champion of Change, Education Entrepreneur, and proud AmeriCorps Alum. Passionate about improving education for every student, everywhere.

ID 140735

Matthew Brendzel

Currently at General Assembly. Worked at @battery-ventures • Studied at @wharton-school School, University of Pennsylvania

ID 185966

Stefan Mehlhorn

ID 9907

Mike Kozub

Entrepreneurial senior executive serving clients while also incubating startup-projects of our own at @launch Pad Ventures (

ID 395194

Mikaela Musman

Account Manager; Experience in Events & Social Media Marketing and Client Development

ID 52900

Michael Sattler


Technical co-founder and engineering exec for seed-stage and growth online/mobile companies. Hands on with LAMP stack, Agile, product design and strategy.

ID 56059

Erdin Beshimov

Principal at Flagship Ventures

ID 145961

Ajay Kapoor

Serial entrepreneur. SLP-NY Fellow (2010-2011) + Executive Team @startlead. Cofounder of @GrowDetroit. Startup advisor.

ID 326350

Chris Hill

Partner & CMO of The 451 Group. Board, CEO, COO & CMO Experience at Growth & Start Up companies. Venture-backed, Angel-backed & self funded. Angel investor.

ID 265679

Anant Vinjamoori

Founder @Aavya Health • Clinical work at @massachusetts-general-hospital-mgh, @beth-israel-medical-center • BS from @stanford-university, MD/MBA @harvard-business-school, @harvard-medical-school

ID 91036


Quality-driven applications engineer; Created; OOP and AS; deep knowledge of Flash media in the next-generation of online games.

ID 308445

Andrew Maywah

Founded: (US), Dibdash (US), Koombah (China). Work: Maxit, Chinese Founders Fund, Oracle, HP, SGI. Schools: MIT EECS (B.S. and M.Eng.) Whaton MBA.

ID 314945

Graham VanderZanden

Work with NewSchools Venture Fund's City Funds, especially Boston and Newark.

ID 17318

Anshuman Sharma

Founder Ubiqi Health, Ubiqi Health • Worked at @medtronic • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology, @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 146497

Xiaojun Li


Worked at @broadcom • Studied at @wharton-school School, University of California, Los Angeles

ID 163026

Ed Loessi

Co-Founder @faulkner-technologies, Co-Founder @offeredlocal • Mentor/Judge at @masschallenge Marketing Technologist, Product Marketing Manager, Product Manager

ID 456147

Michael P. DiCarlo

EVP - Strat & Dev Attract China, LLC, @caledonia-capital-management • Worked at @john-hancock, @american-tower • Studied at @university-of-massachusetts-boston

ID 52024

Rebecca Li

Co-Founder & President at @genii, Inc.

ID 76167

Mike Wu

CTO of Loupe, PhD in computer science; HCI researcher, worked in tech industry and research labs across US and Canada

ID 411883

Ted Bronstein

Director of Business Development at @zagster, a better way to bike share. Worked at @yesware and @brightcove • Studied at @bates-college

ID 50971

Andy Huang

Fmr Growth at Shareaholic. Babson + Olin.

ID 342404

Scott Sansovich


Scott Sansovich is an Associate at Cue Ball.

ID 40269

Danny Kirschner

Innovator, creator, full stack dev, amateur environmentalist. Founded @bundio, @MiracleTicket, @gorankem, @insightpool. BS in MIS @university-of-georgia.

ID 420924

Lawrence C. Grumer

Founder Energy Harvesters LLC • Worked at @arthur-d-little-inc, @textron • Studied at @northeastern-university

ID 396687

Victor Jablokov


CEO & Founder @Wallflowr; Angel Investor; COO & Founder @yap (acquired by @amazon ); MBA @wake-forest-university ; B.S. & M.S. Mat Eng @pennsylvania-state-university

ID 68537

Sorin Grama

CEO at @promethean-power-systems, co-founder of Greentown Labs, Boston's first cleantech start-up incubator. degree from @massachusetts-institute-of-technology in Management & Engineering

ID 65284

ian stanczyk

founder of @onthebar. self-taught developer. m.a. economics. top-10 bschool dropout. workaholic.

ID 244332

Robert O'Neill

Engineer @alignable. Worked at @ibm, @verivo-software @charles-river-development

ID 379589

Richard Reece

Founder Dispatches, Simultaneity • Worked at @diamondcluster, @merlin-mobile-media • Studied at @wharton-school, @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 90693

Janet Comenos

Director of Sales at @promoboxx

ID 334395

Sai To Yeung

CEO of TouchBase. BA at Harvard, MBA candidate at MIT. Most proud of my 11 years of working experience at my family's takeout restaurant starting at age 7.

ID 392971

Todd Marks

CEO, Founder @mindgrub-technologies • Mobile, Social & Web Application Development • Studied at @loyola-university-maryland, @johns-hopkins-university

ID 175343

Rob Frasca

Entrepreneur, CEO, Director, Advisor, Founder @galt-technologies, @affinnova • Worked at @intuit, @lycos • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university, @rochester-institute-of-technology

ID 320788

kavya joshi

M.Eng. (2013), S.B. (2012) in Computer Science, both at MIT.

ID 228348


WomenLEAD: Revolutionizing mentorship with an unprecedented online personal advisory board platform for women by women.

ID 168252

Zeeshan Sheikh

Leader by day; Hacker by night. Hands on Development Management, Process Improvement, eCommerce & Web Architectures, Product Innovation & Architecture.

ID 235730

Russell Hanson

ID 335292

Artem Zakharchenko

CEO and Co-Founder of CardioWave (an innovative life science solutions, mobile health platform and digital signal processing startup); Entrepreneur in Residence at InVenture Partners (a $100M venture capital fund).

ID 98942

Jeanine Heller

Early stage angel investor.

ID 260749

Marc Philobos

Opened MetLife Stadium as an employee of New York Jets, StubHub, Inc, Halogen Guides. Passion for startups, MA University of San Francisco.

ID 34142

Alberto Haddad


Entrepreneur, investor, Advisor

ID 121535

Sarah Foster

BD & Sales Ops manager at @vertica. Strong business background with an intense passion for tech start ups.

ID 322412

David Carpe


CI expert with deep human capital experience. Consulted to myriad giants. Former SW company founder (raised VC), BFA (stone), MBA (finance/EPS). Eclectic? Sure.

ID 117761

Chetan Bhargava

Strong 19 years business background in emerging markets ( @microsoft , HP GE ) .@mit-sloan-school-of-management Fellows Program at MIT @mit-sloan-school-of-management School of Management .

ID 185036

Chris Moses

CEO of Smart Scheduling. SB from @MIT. Entrepreneur by day, kickboxer by night.

ID 263662

David Thyresson

founder @stattleship. co-founder and cto @spogo. co-founder @entessa (sold to Graham Group '10). i build mobile apps

ID 140016

Bryan Roy

Lead product design team at Bullhorn

ID 95972

Jacob Silber

Startup guy. Lifelong entrepreneur. Technology commercialization. Tosser around of great ideas.

ID 50864

Michael Miller

President of Culture Adapt. Helping international students feel more at home. Startup Leadership Program class of 2012. 2011 Lean Startup Challenge Runner-Up.

ID 337340

Perry Hewitt

Harvard CDO :: tech + marketing background includes Crimson Hexagon, Razorfish, Harcourt

ID 57287

Jonathan Kim

Early hire at Performable, acquired by HubSpot. Self-taught frontend engineer with a BS in Journalism. From Hawaii.

ID 61839

Brent Turner

Chief Digital Officer for MIT’s largest media brands and properties (@mit-technology-review, @massachusetts-institute-of-technology-1, @MIT Enterprise Forum)

ID 191623

Max Bulger

eBay Mobile Platform. Formerly @TuftsUniversity, @GetUnreal + @ExtremeSailing.

ID 225579

Conor L. Myhrvold

Science & Tech, Innovation, Academia.

ID 85739

Arthur Petron

Worked at @apple, @justin-tv • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 305842

Guy Bauman

Founder & CEO @wizeo. VP Marketing @tapingo. 15+ years marketing & biz dev experience. Now focused on digital commerce for good.

ID 68805

Josh Epstein

Worked at @acme-packet @emc @ca @Oracle @advanced-electron-beams @bozuko; VP Marketing at @gizmox

ID 121549

Andrew Inglis

PhD, Physics: Complex network theory; Teach for America Alumni.

ID 391724

Jure Zih

CMO and Growth Engineer at Databox, Entrepreneur, Musician

ID 130978

Bill Fisher

COO of @newburyport-brewing-company; strong start-up business and marketing background with M&A track record (Arrowpoint/Cisco | MetaCarta/Nokia | NaviSite/TWC)

ID 278552

Alex Lougovtsov

Northeastern BS, 1st startup in high school, experience at 4 companies, solid business background.

ID 430107

Christine Lytwynec

Full stack developer with a background in psychology, music and mathematics. @startup-institute Boston alumna.

ID 89916

John Davie


Owner, @dining-alliance-inc

ID 204849

Todd Christy

Founder @pyxis-mobile, @verivo-software • Worked at @accenture, @aries-technology • Studied at @brown-university

ID 344932

Marco Mereu

Co-Founder and CEO Gameblyr, VP Communication at Digisocial, VP Business Development & GC Evony, Northeastern University and Suffolk Law, Strong background in user acquisition, monetization and mobile/gaming

ID 327895

Michael Stevens

Experienced Marketing and Sales professional looking for that awesome opportunity to work with startups aimed at taking over the world.

ID 59604

Andrew Berkowitz

VP of Engineering @sproutel | Former Lead Mobile Developer @zazu: a @masschallenge finalist and PepsiCo10 winner

ID 244007

Jason Syversen


Founded Siege Technologies. Angel in Techlok and two non-disclosed cyber security companies. Former DARPA Program Manager and security researcher.

ID 389743

Ramón Blanco

Founder • Worked at @mckinsey-company, @unilever • Studied at @harvard-business-school, @universidad-pontificias-comilla-icade-icai

ID 156894

Mike Banchick

Sales Leadership at @bullhorn

ID 124593

Tom Pincince


President and CEO at Digital Lumens

ID 75006

Daniel Spector